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Starting this thread to document the progress of DAO of WU workshops & activities here for everyone to keep abreast of. I’ll be sharing all the details of on-going, proposed and/or cancelled events starting with our first DoW for DAOFest coming 13th January 2020 in Kuala Lumpur.


On the 12th December I submitted my proposal for the first DAO of Wu workshop in KL in collaboration with Common Ground co-working space and of course the DAOstack family. The proposal passed and everything for the event was set in motion.

Eventbrite Link - HERE

We locked in an additional partner with Techcryption, a local blockchain media outlet to help support the event and also took out ads on both Facebook and Instagram (I’ll post the results of the ad campaign in the post mortem).

The response so far has been great. I initially set the tickets for 50pax, but added an additional 10 tickets to make it 60 (free entry FYI) and so far with 3 days to go before event day we have 58 tickets booked and 739 page views!

On top of that. I’m just about to confirm another workshop for Bangkok with Common Ground as well for Feb 6th and will be submitting a proposal for that shortly with FestDAO.

Once the slide deck is done, I’ll be linking it here as well. Stay tuned!


Alrighty! Just finished up the post-mortem report and did my follow up email to all the people who registered.

I’ll need to help of the FestDAO community to vote on the proposals, not sure the best way to go about it, so looking for advice pls! All the worksheets can be found here.

As we wait for the video recap to be ready do check out the write up our media partner posted yesterday here

Until the next update!

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And our first recap video by Techcryption!

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So I’ve captured more insights since our event and want to quickly share them here…

  • I emailed all of the people who registered with the recap and invite to the telegram group and only a handful have joined

  • Of the attendees, the ones who participated in the DAO Canvas, I emailed them to request which group they were in in order to allocate the prize according to the voted on winner. But only 3 replied.

  • Since we ended the vote with a 5 way tie, I then emailed the attendees again and said the first 5 people who reply with their ETH addresses will split the prize pool. It’s been 4 hours so far and I’ve received 3 replies with ETH addresses.

  • I gave them until 11:59PM tonight so I will update again

I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe certain creative community members are not that interested in, or concerned with getting involved with, the DAO. As only 4 of the many I emailed about collecting the reward of 0.2 ETH actually emailed me to receive it.

I’ve decided that if the Bangkok edition of the workshop doesn’t give positive result that I’ll be putting DAO of WU on hold and try again when I’m in Canada in April/May

That being said, things are ready to go for the next installment and here are the links!

Proposal submitted and approved can be found HERE

Eventbrite link - https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/dao-of-wu-workshop-bangkok-edition-tickets-91731995869

Finally our official recap video is done and up for the Kuala Lumpur workshop.

DAO of WU - Bangkok Edition (Recap)

Here are some of the learnings I took away from my DAOFest Circle in Bangkok:

  1. Organizing an event in a place where I don’t have many contacts was more challenging than I predicted.

  2. Conducting the workshop in English limited attendance, as if it had been done in Thai more people would have felt comfortable being a part of it.

  3. In conclusion, in order to have more of an impact the materials should be translated into Thai and the workshop delivered in Thai.

  4. Attendees were mostly from Common Ground, who were very keen on understanding what DAO is and how it could apply to their organization and benefit their members and community. Another attendee ran a travel agency in Vietnam and another, who arrived late, was a dentist who ran a start-up focusing on mental health initiatives.

  5. One DAO Canvas was filled in by Common Ground for a Common Ground DAO.

  6. I learned more about conducting an intimate session and engaging directly, like I was coaching, with the DAO Canvas process.

  7. There’s an opportunity with Common Ground to empower their staff to translate the DAO Canvas and documents so they can conduct DAOFests there with their members, this can be facilitated with the “Prize” that is allocated to their DAO Idea. They seemed interested in this.

It was an intimate setting with an attendance of 6 people.

Although there were only a handful of people, they were fully engaged and curious. We managed to do one DAO Canvas, which gave me the opportunity to sit with the team (mostly from Common Ground) and help them through it.

As I was unable to lock down a videographer in time, my friend assisted me and we managed to put together a short video that covers the Wu in DAO of WU.

I am just now following up with the participants and sharing the canvas and video with them. Will update more on that when I receive their feedback.

Common Ground DAO (activity canvas)

Catch y’all soon!
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