DAO funding - January 2nd 2020

Hey guys
The Genesis January payment of $40,000 has been made in full (so no second funding in Jan) with this distribution:
154.3448 ETH + 12,500 Sai + 7,500 Dai. This covers all existing debt We have yet to undecide the future funding split with ETH / DAI ratios.

Moving forward, and to prevent the accruing of debt, fund allocation should follow this social consensus proposal by @Lior
For further reading please refer to this DAOtalk thread about budgeting – Budget management Scheme - Process Proposal

This is the distribution structure that was agreed:
Product and Tech (70 percent of funding)
Features, modules, interfaces, integrations, research implementation, stack improvements

Proposal that fit in this bucket help support the increase in Alchemy’s usability and increase the number of users that can drive value from using Alchemy

Research (10 percent of funding)
Use Cases, Security, Governance Modules, Staking, CryptoEconomics and funding modules are all areas for people to contribute and help improve the knowledge as a basis for later implementation

Ecosystem (15 percent of funding)
Activities that increase the brand awareness, Explaining the concept of DAOs, and help onboard developers by creating better documentation, improve developer tools, education, marketing, developer events, etc…

Wild card - (5 percent of funding)
ideas and projects that don’t fit any of the above, open for community creativity and imagination

Have a great new decade guys, and may we DAOify the world!