DAO as company -> compensation? Taxes?

GM everyone,

i have build a product in the nft space (nftfolio.io) and now i am thinking how to make it grow with a DAO and since i am in Germany and have already people working on it, i need to be able to pay invoices for freelance work including all that VAT/TAX stuff that is required in Germany.

Yesterday i went thorugh dozens of different docs and had the feeling that DAOHaus is the best option, but now i am stuck and don’t know where to look to find out if it fits my needs.

Thankful for all possible insights!

It sounds like a traditional company setup. True DAO platforms are most helpful for online coordination in governing trustless protocols with utility tokens or reputation. In your case, just hire an accountant and have the freelance workers invoice you. You and them need legal entities.
Here’s a DAO doing both The ENS Foundation - ENS Documentation

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Hey Metalex,

Especially for DAO, we have developed a service where you can pay any fiat expenses (including freelancers work, servers, etc.) with cryptocurrency.

You can learn more about our service: https://metamouse.cc/

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