DAO Arts in Bristol & South West of England? :)

Dear everyone

My name is Laura and I am Super new to DAO :slight_smile: Please do apologise if I am using this platform not accurately. I am doing a course called Tools of Regenerative Reinassance and that’s where I learned about DAO and DHO and having a go to connect with this community. I am a facilitator and creative producer based in Bristol, UK, and wondered if there is anyone out there from the region, interested in arts. Currently working on a lifelong project about creating a ‘physical’ DAO Arts Community to support Regenerative Culture and intrigued by the possibility of starting one online too. Would love to see if anyone out there is interested or already active and if you know where to look for funds for the arts via DAO.

Thank you DAOtalk community :slight_smile: Hope to hear back from you


Hi Laura,

Really keen to hear about your developments. I’m in a similar position looking to develop the arts community here in Sydney, Australia.

Kind regards,


Hi Ricky

Hope you are well. Thanks for getting in touch. To be honest with you, I didn’t go too far with this yet but happy to have a chat if you like.