DAI payout (26/12/2021-25/01/2022) - luzzifoss

As per the original worker proposal’s terms (visible here) I’m asking for 8772.72 xDai in total.

This month I’ve worked 22 days in total, with 5 days of work done in December and the remaining in January. Using the old salary structure at level 5, the total pay for January would be 8000 / 22 * 5 = 1818.18 xDai. Using the new salary structure at level 7, the total pay for December would be 9000 / 22 * 17 = 6954.54. The total is therefore 8772.72 xDai.

Proof of work


On the frontend, I have:

  • Upgraded the dependencies to improve security and make the frontend lighter/snappier.
  • Fixed the useTokenPriceUSD hook to make it more robust, fetching data from various sources.
  • Implemented Mochi as a platform’s data source. Data for USDM can now be visualized in the frontend.
  • Made it so the conversion from timestamps to block number sends API requests in parallel to the blocks subgraph on each network. This considerably reduces loading times across the table for charts.
  • Made it so that Pocket is now used for Gnosis Chain and mainnet, further decentralizing the product. As of now the Pocket RPC URL is only used for readonly calls as long as the user has no connected wallet. The idea is to make it so that every readonly call is always carried out using Pocket, even when a wallet is connected. The wallet-specific RPC URL should only be used while performing transactions.
  • Made it so that the numbers across the frontend are “commified”, in order to improve legibility and UX slightly.
  • Added test KPI token campaigns for Mochi on Rinkeby.
  • Fixed network switching issues.
  • Moved a lot of logic-related stuff around platforms from the frontend to the SDK.

Proof for the claims above is available here.

On the SDK I have:

  • Added support for mainnet campaigns.
  • As mentioned above, ported over a lot of logic from the frontend (mainly related to platforms and data fetching).

Proof for the claims above is available here.


On the contracts, I have mainly adjusted the cost evaluation function for work performed and started working on a new architecture overall.
I’ve also started working on a frontend which got decently far into development, with the ability to monitor bonded JOLT, events emitted in the past 24hrs, add credit to jobs, show owned jobs and more.

The proof for these claims is not currently available due to the fact that the project’s repos are still private. Once the product is released proof will be made available too.


Hey @luzzifoss given the exciting work you’re doing on the smart contract for Jolt and Carrot and how in-demand that skill is, I would support you moving to a Level 8 whenever. In addition to those sought-after skills, Federico has also been able to operate independently without direction from others - a characteristic we should look for in all contributors.