DAI payout (26/11/2021-26/12/2021) - luzzifoss

With this proposal I’m asking for 6095.25 xDai.

The original worker proposal’s terms (visible here) asked for 8k xDai, but this month I’ve had 5 days of vacation.

Being that the month had 21 working days, the daily pay would be 8000 / 21 = 380.95 xDai.
So, with this in mind, my salary should be 8000 - (5 * 380.95) = 6095.25 xDai, which is what I’m asking for.

Proof of work


On the frontend, I’ve added the Agave campaign to the featured campaigns. The frontend has then been released with the campaign from Agave shown on it. Proof here.

On the subgraph, I’ve fixed an error. The subgraph now throws when no Reality questions can be found with the given id. Proof here.


On the Jolt contracts, I have:

  • Introduced various gas optimizations.
  • Add a first proto implementation of a Jolt guild.
  • Write Job interface and make jobs implement it to keep consistency between API and implementation.
  • Make any ERC20 token available to use as job credit.
  • Upgrade to Solidity 0.8.10.
  • Add task to easily deploy native currency/JOLT price oracle.
  • Add task to setup the core job of updating the native currency/JOLT price oracle.
  • Fix simple worker implementation to test out works and rewards issuing.
  • Replace Xcute with Jolt (new name) on the whole codebase.
  • Use raw msg.sender instead of _msgSender() for meta-transactions.
  • Log used gas as registered by the platform when performing and paying work.
  • Add slashing and disallowing functionalities to bonder, to “ban” provably malicious entities from the platform.
  • Change types of some state variables to improve gas/memory optimization.
  • Moved events to interfaces to clean up the code considerably.
  • Clean up state when disallowing worker (reducing the tx cost in the process through gas reimboursements).
  • Introduce new mechanism to get free credits by buying up allowed liquidity tokens from users at a premium (decided by governance). This should allow the platform to own their own liquidity, fundamental to the correct functioning of the product.
  • Add README.
  • Add a first implementation of a token airdrop whitelisting script (to be improved and redefined).
  • Add a contentHash field in the Job struct in the registry to allow describing the job through an IPFS-uploaded file.
  • Add works completed view function to the bonder.
  • Fixed source code verification errors on Rinkeby Etherescan.
  • Improve credit management and clean up code using a dedicated library.
  • Add possibility to upgrade a job.
  • Add possibility to remove credit from job.
  • Lock tokens added through liquidity sale, since users get a premium on that option. This avoids people selling their liquidity tokens for premium JOLT, and then withdrawing and selling the JOLT too, to farm value out of the platform.
  • Add works completed to requirements for jobs that need some proved worker reputation to be executed.
  • Allow to fetch all jobs added by a specific owner.
  • Add a boost to used gas when evaluating work, in order to account for external calls increasing the gas consumption (tradeoff between flexibility and cost of operation).

I also started working on a frontend and SDK for the platform too towards the end of December. The repos are not currently public (I’m waiting for the product to go live before opening them to the public), so the proof will only be available in the future for this part.

DXdao token list

I’ve added some tokens on Arbitrum Rinkeby.


Substract the days you had off, but I don’t feel it’s accurate to time yourself on an hourly basis. Your work is creative and productive, and we all see the end result, so whether you work 5, 8, 12 hours a day, you need to be paid 100%.

Many of us often work weekends and regularly clock 10+ hours on week days, but we don’t get paid extra, so you shouldn’t be cutting your compensation for having worked “60%”. You are creating value.

Just substract the days off.


Thanks for pointing this out Nathan. As your post has had some positive feedback I’ll change the payout to only exclude the 5 days I took off.