DAI payout (26/10/2021-26/11/2021) - luzzifoss

As per the original worker proposal’s terms (visible here), I’m asking for 8k xDai.

Proof of work

Carrot frontend

  • Added support for IPFS cids as questions. The frontend automatically fetches the data from IPFS and shows it to the user. This lets Carrot creators come up with much more complex/long questions and explain in much more detail how the answer can be determined.
  • Implemented Reality.eth question answering form with the help of Milan. Questions can now be answered directly from the Carrot frontend as soon as a KPI expires, instead of being redirected to Reality.eth to submit the answer. The form changes depending on if a scalar or boolean market is being answered.
  • Generally improved UI/edge cases fixing.
  • Improved responsiveness overall.
  • Replaced the wallet modal with a new, more compact wallet popover that shows the connected address (with the ability to copy it to the clipboard) and pending/submitted transactions (with a link to check them out on a block explorer).
  • Only shown production networks on non-dev builds in network switcher popover.
  • Added “A DXdao product” text to all the popovers’ footer.
  • Added Swapr as a price source too.
  • Added a “holding” badge to campaigns in the homepage when the connected account is currently holding tokens for a specific featured campaign.
  • Added support for ENS name reverse lookup and avatar record fetching to show each user’s on-chain identity on the frontend, when available, for a more personalized experience.

Proof here.

Carrot subgraph

  • Throw when no Reality.eth question linked to the KPI token can be found.
  • Updated the factory’s address on xDai.

Proof here.

Carrot smart contract

On the smart contracts I’ve mainly worked on improving some tasks used for testing out the platform. Proof here.

DXdao landing page

Brought reproducible, deterministic builds (and in turn IPFS CIDs) to DXdao’s new landing page, making its publishing on the official DXdao ENS name verifiable by anyone. Proof here.

Swapr Coingecko API

Added an endpoint to fetch uncollected protocol fees sitting in the fee receivers on each supported networks. Proof here.

Swapr farming contracts

Integrated update developed by Kaden allowing the owner of the campaign to top up the rewards mid-way. An audit has been performed on these changes but still has to be reviewed. Proof here.

Swapr governance

While waiting for the Swapr guild to go live, I’ve implemented a custom Snapshot strategy for Swapr taking into account held, LPd and staked LPd Swapr. The strategy has been used for a couple of proposals. Proof here.


I’ve also started working on a new product to incentivize automatic smart contract executions through cryptoeconomic incentives called Jolt, that will be instrumental in building the vision for Carrot v1, but to also potentially be implemented in other DXdao’s product as a powerful infrastructural piece owned by the community.