DAI payout (26/09/2021-26/10/2021) - luzzifoss

As per the original worker proposal’s terms (visible here), I’m asking for 8k xDai. In addition, as outlined here, I’m also asking for 300 xDai as a reimboursement for the flights to Lisbon to join the ETHLisbon hackathon.

Proof of work

I’ve mainly focused on Carrot this past month, covering all development tasks. On the side I’ve also performed some developments on the Swapr frontend, namely:

  • Added SWPR on xDai to the SDK and to the Swapr default token list.
  • Prepared the beta 6 and 6.1 releases.
  • Fixed an issue for which not all pairs were shown on the frontend in case many are created (the issue manifested itself on xDai first where pairs with a considerable amount of liquidity were not shown in the “all pairs” page).
  • Fixed an issue that caused reward amounts/tokens to be mismatched in a farming campaign page when the farming campaign had 2 or more reward tokens. The issue first manifested itself with the ARBI/SWPR campaign on Arbitrum. An update to the subgraph was necessary and the frontend was subsequently updated to adapt to the subgraph GraphQL API schema change.
  • Renamed APY to APR across the frontend (no compounding due to LP fees currently taken into account in the farmign campaigns returns calculation).
  • Prepared the beta 6.2 release.

The proof about the claims above can be verified by having a look at my commits on the Swapr frontend.

I’ve also made an update to the lambda function Coingecko currently uses to fetch various Swapr-related data (most importantly, currently active farming campaigns across chains), adding an endpoint to fetch SWPR’s circulating supply. The endpoint is currently used by Coingecko to display that info in the SWPR token page. Have a look at the proof of work by clicking here.

On the farming smart contracts, I’ve added a standalone campaign smart contract, which can be used to create staking-based reward campaigns even without deploying a factory. Proof here.

Most of the work though, has been performed on Carrot, for which as of now I don’t have proof, since the code is still private until the release comes (hopefully soon). Nice progress has been made in the frontend, with a flexible framework to display custom charts for various metric types and massive improvements to the UI and responsiveness. Once the code is made public in the future, proof for these claims will be available to everyone since pretty much all the commits on the platform are mine, so keep an eye out for that.