DAI payout (26/07/2021-26/08/2021) - luzzifoss

As per the original worker proposal’s terms (visible here), I’m asking for 8k xDai. In addition, as outlined in this bonus and prize proposal, I’m also asking for 15k additional xDai, for a total of 23k xDai.

Proof of work

I’ve focused on Swapr this past month, on the SWPR/Arbitrum One release in particular. On the frontend:

  • Show common bases on token selection modal when swapping (it was already there in the add liquidity page).
  • Finish implementing airdrop modal, fetching airdrop info from Arbitrum One (whatever network the user is on, Arbitrum One is always queried for airdrop state).
  • Helped test the frontend regarding the SWPR airdrop on Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet.
  • Improve performances on the token picker modal by loading all balances at once through a single multicall call. This makes the whole token modal opening/closing animation smoother and snappier than both Uniswap and Sushiswap.
  • Enabled liquidity mining campaigns creation on Arbitrum One before launch.
  • Make native currency balance pill red if the user has no native currency balance (nothing can be done in the network).
  • Helped implement the new network switcher.
  • Move preview builds on PRs and develop from Netlify to IPFS, making the CI process a bit more decentralized in the process (big thanks to the Aqua team that came up with the GitHub action to do this).
  • Prepare beta 4 release (including code encessary to claim the SWPR airdrop).
  • Helped prepare the Arbitrum launch plan, through which the community helped make SWPR a reality

Proof for the claims above can be verified by looking at my commits on master here and on develop here.

Also implemented a generalized version of eco-routing with the first implementation being a 0x integration, exclusively on mainnet. Proof visible here for the SDK, while the frontend part still has to be pushed from my local machine.

On the SWPR token contracts I have:

  • Fixed a bug that caused different whitelists to be generated depending on the timezone where the script runner was in (or generally speaking the machine timezone setting).
  • Determined the proper DXD holders snapshot date.
  • Excluded more ineligible smart contracts from the whitelist.
  • Updated the Snapshot GraphQL API endpoint to fetch data for Bankless and Uniswap DAO voters to be included in the whitelist.
  • Added extra duplication and casing checks.
  • Merged half of the DXD holders airdrop (the unlocked amount) with the marketing airdrop given out on Swapr. DXD holders will now be able to claim their share of unlocked SWPR directly from the frontend.
  • After the adjustement of the DXD airdrop snapshot date, Uniswap v3 LPs on mainnet were also taken into consideration among others.
  • Generated Merkle trees and roots for both the smart contract and EOA leaves.
  • Made the SWPR token burnable (at least on mainnet).

Glad to work with you @luzzifoss Sometimes I can only think of this when you are handling the amount of issues.

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Keep being awesome!