DAI payout (26/06/2021-26/07/2021) - luzzifoss

As per the original worker proposal’s terms (visible here), I’m asking for 8k xDai. From Jul 19th to 23rd I also attended ETHCC, and according to the DXevent proposal I’m also asking for 1550 USD, broken down into:

  • Travel stipend: 500 USD
  • Daily stipend: 250 USD * 3 = 750 USD
  • ETHCC ticket price: 300 USD

So in total I’m asking for 9550 xDai.

Proof of work

I’ve focused on Swapr this past month, on the frontend and token contracts in particular. On the frontend:

  • Make WalletConnect support both mainnet AND xDai. If the user switches network to xDai or mainnet through the network switcher, and then connects with WalletConnect, the last picked network will be used for the WalletConnect connection request, whether that is xDai or mainnet (Arbitrum not supported yet).

  • Minor layout fixes around the swap box and the eco routing dropdown.

  • Fix on pagination, displaying page links on multiple rows. Replaced old pagination style with new, user-typing based style, which looks far better on high number of pages (for example on “pairs and rewards” page on xDai).

  • Reset pagination when applying “with rewards” filter. The page is now set to 0 to allow actual data showing up.

  • Fix “blank page” bug when user visits expired liquidity mining campaign pages. The APY is now returned as 0 as soon as the campaign ends.

  • Fix multi chain links. Pages can now be linked on the correct chain. If the user landing on the page is connected to a different chain, he’s asked to switch it to the correct one before being allowed to continue.

  • Made Swapr compatible with Arbitrum One/Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet. This includes subgraph changes and frontend/SDK changes, to finally make Swapr usable on those networks.

The proof for the above claims can be seen by consulting my commits on the develop branch, which can be done by clicking here.

I’ve also developed a serverless API deployed on AWS for Coingecko to fetch liquidity mining (farming) data to be displayed on Coingecko itself. The work can be seen here, and Coingecko is already using the service.

On the token side instead, I have:

  • Written the airdrop whitelist generation script, which specifically for the DXD side now supports pure holders, Swapr LPs on both mainnet and xDai, Balancer v1 LPs on mainnet, Uniswap v2/v3 LPs on mainnet, Honeyswap LPs on xDai and mainnet, Loopring holders and Mesa LPs on xDai and mainnet. The marketing airdrop also includes everything that was agreed upon by the squad.

  • Added a recover function to the airdrop claimer contract. After a certain cutoff date is reached, the owner can reover any non-claimed airdrop tokens.

The work can be checked out here.