DAI payout (26/05/2022-25/06/2022) - luzzifoss

As per the original worker proposal’s terms (visible here) I’m asking for 8590.90 xDai in total to be sent to DevX’s wallet (DevX.eth). This month I’ve worked 21 days in total, with 1 taken for vacation. Being that from 26/05/2022 to 25/06/2022 there have been 22 working days in total, I’m asking for 9000 / 22 * 21 = 8590.90 xDai.

Proof of work


On the v1 smart contracts I have:

  • Made it so that heavy optimization is only applied to contracts compilation in production (tests are ran without any optimization at all to further speed up development).
  • Upgraded to solc v0.8.14 and then v0.8.15.
  • On finalization, move reimboursement logic to its own, separated function. This guarantees settlement of the KPI token even if one of the collateral tokens used is faulty/malicious. This protects both the user and the KPI token creator, as the former has guaranteed settlement and the latter has the ability to always collect reimboursements by collateral token, potentially avoiding recovering faulty collateral tokens and limiting damage.
  • Implemented more and more tests.
  • Optimized gas consumption by adding unchecked blocks where possible.
  • Added both Github actions and pre-commit hooks to have some sort of CI in the repo. Github actions perform testing on contracts at each push, while pre-commit actions perform linting, local tests and commit message linting.
  • Added event emission across contracts to improve developer experience, discoverability and subgraph integration.
  • Optimized gas by fetching templates info on-demand from the KPI/Oracles manager contract instead of passing it in while constructing an instance of a KPI token/oracle, resulting in pretty substantial reduction in gas consumption.
  • Added CONTRIBUTING.md file with useful info for anyone who wants to contribute to the contracts.
  • Fully removed Hardhat and moved Hardhat tasks to Foundry scripts (coverage tracking too).
  • Uniformed the import style across contracts (specific contract imports).

Proof here.

On the alpha frontend I have:

  • Added 2 new featured campaigns incentivizing Swapr TVL on Gnosis chain, one rewarding SWPR and the other rewarding GNO.
  • Prepared the alpha 13 release.

Proof here.


On the frontend, I have updated the logo (proof here) and implemented the “import Lens profile” button (proof here).


On Swapr I have reviewed the PR to compute Uniswap v2 common pairs from the Swapr subgraph.