DAI payout (26/02/2022-25/03/2022) - luzzifoss

As per the original worker proposal’s terms (visible here) I’m asking for 8100 xDai in total.
This month I’ve worked 18 days in total, with 2 taken for vacation. Being that from 26/02/2022 to 25/03/2022 there have been 20 working days in total, I’m asking for 9000 / 20 * 18 = 8100 xDai.

Proof of work


On the ERC20 staking rewards distribution contract, I’ve fixed audit concerns regarding adding rewards dynamically to running campaigns (the audit after the fixes has been included in the repo). Proof here.

On the subgraph, I have made it so that liquidity mining campaigns entities are completely deleted once they get canceled on-chain. Proof here.


On the MVP frontend I have:

  • Aided in the creation and added to the UI the Hundred Finance, Hopr, Swapr TVL (with both SWPR and GNO as rewards) campaigns.
  • Fixed WalletConnect integration.
  • Downgrade to Webpack 4 to fix deterministic builds.
  • Fixed dates in charts, which are now shown in the local timezone.

Proof here.

On the v1 contracts, development has been moving forward:

  • Progress made with automation support
  • Scripts to help testing the solution on testnets. In particular one to create ERC20 KPI tokens with automated onchain token price feeds based on Uni v2 dexes.
  • Gas optimizations.
  • Started using a mixed Foundry/Hardhat project structure for an overall faster development experience.


Work has been done on the Jolt node, first developing an MVP version of a in Typescript, and then an alternative in Rust to the Typescript one. Proof here for the TS version and here for the Rust version. Due to changes in contracts, the SDK has also needed some updates (to also work with the TS Jolt node). The repo for the contracts and SDK are not yet public, so no proof can be provided at this time.


On Swapr I fixed an issue that caused the interface to show wrong claimable amounts on farms with multiple rewards. The new solution should definitively solve all issues with multi-reward campaigns. Proof here.