Cyber: A DAO for a decentralized search engine and web3

Hey, DAOtalk! My name is Serjei, I am the ecosystem development lead of cyber~Congress. an Aragon powered DAO behind the launch of cyber, a decentralized google built with the help of Tendermint and IPFS.

Disclosure: I posted this topic few days ago on the Aragon forum, so hope, it’s not considered to be aggressive marketing. Rather, I am looking for discussion and networking among similar, to my view, communities.

We use Aragon as one of our main communication arteries for both, the governing DAO of the protocol and the dev. organization behind the launch of the DAO.

I will describe this below, but first, I would like to describe what it is we do at cyber.

We are 1005 open-source, you can find the codebase here. If you scroll among our GitHub, you will find many other interesting things that we try to share as a DAO, those include our community transparency folder, in the congress/ecosystem repo and much more.

This is the main, current, interface to the protocol

We are still in public testing, a throughout ELI-5 FAQ on what we do can be found here. Most recently, we published a blog post that contains a playlist of videos from our last workshop, including mentions of the Aragon DAO.

Long story short though, we are building a decentralized google for provable and relevant answers, powered by the community, Tendermind and IPFS. Our mission statement is to create a universal search protocol to (a) build an open semantic field of the internet with the help of blockchain technology and cyberlinks, and (b) decentralize the infrastructure of the web with the help of blockchain.

There are 2 ways in which we use DAO’s:

  1. Our organization is shaped as an Aragon DAO. It lives on the Aragon mainnet and all the important decisions within the team are done via the DAO and are projected to our GitHub. This is the cyber~Congress DAO

  2. The idea is that the protocol should and will be governed by an Aragon DAO, which will be called cyber~Foundation. We have already started to describe it and it has an own repository, with a thorough description of the test launch proccess in screens (text will be added later). This DAO will govern the protocol and will be in charge of the ETH pot donated to it during a year-long auction. We have already started working on two Aragon dapps. (A) Aragon auction app, that will allow people to participate in the auction. (B) Aragon vesting app, this will allow people to vest our mainnet CYB token (our chain is a sovereign blockchain backed by the Tendermint consensus engine), and receive the governing THC token.

We have listed cyber as one entity on the Aragon wiki, however, in the future, we plan to list both entities, the congress and the foundation, as they are 2 separate entities with very different tasks. One launches the protocol, the other governs the protocol.

To our knowledge, this will be the first case of a purely digital, decentralized, non-physical DAO, in the sense that it will not have any other pull strings in the eyes of real-world bureaucratic foundations, non-profit organization and others etc. We strongly believe in decentralization and a no-KYC policy, as good software doesn’t need all this. We believe that with the help of Aragon and code, the community can govern the protocol and the money pot that backs it.

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Our dev-log for the past 2 weeks

Our latest dev-log , including, upgrades, obgoin work on IPFS node integration into cyberpage . Work on Aragon ceremony guide for the foundation DAO and fixes to the Aragon apps

The new dev-log. Including work on the Aragon auction app and the foundation DAO

You can now use (the app for cyber) to claim and vest tokens via our Aragon apps and use them to participate in our distribution games and play on our Cosmos based chain! Check out the guide

Or just go to and use your metamsk extension to do this. Check out the Aragon dapps too

Read about our takeoff donation round that starts today or f**kGoogle right here

Join cyber today at 19pm CEST for a talk about cyber~Foundation, the DeVC community DAO behind cyber, as part of our talk at daorushweek

We invite all GOL holders to kick-off the governance at euler~Foundation. Cybers test-network, community-powered Aragon-DAO and a Decentralized fund managed by the token holders:

Also, find out the statistics of the test~Auction in this post

Join us for a talk about the D in the DAO, a talk by euler~Foundation today at 16pm EDT / 22pm CEST, on the community stage channel of the @DAORushWeek Discord server:

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