Currently Live Bug Bounty for dxDAO?

Hey everyone,

I’m Travin Keith from Immunefi, a bug bounty platform, and in addition to hosting the programs we natively host, we also aggregate a list of existing bug bounties around the crypto space for the benefit of our bug bounty hunters. My colleague while building the list found that there were bug bounty rounds for dxDAO in the past but that the last one ended in April last year. I couldn’t find if there was a round open again or if there was something ongoing, so I thought I’d post here to check and we’d happily link to that on our platform.

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Hey @TravinImmunefi good to have you here! This sounds like a great initiative.

I don’t think we have anything specific to Bug Bounties, right now, but we do have an outdated bounty board here:

But perhaps we should have another bug bounty. We would need to come up with a good system.

Hey @Powers! Thanks for your reply and glad to hear you think it’s a great initiative.

Thanks for sharing as well. I know someone who makes merch so I’ll send that his way in case he’s interested.

As for having another bug bounty, we could certainly help out with having one set up as it’s our expertise. We don’t charge any fees for onboarding, maintenance, and advisory as well and could have the bug bounty itself pay out in DXD, as well as other coins/tokens as desired.

Would I need to set up a proposal for it? Or is there someone I can coordinate with for it?

Hey @Powers, happy new year! Just wanted to check in about this to initiate the process of having another bug bounty.