Cure0000 Worker Proposal 05/08/21 - 07/08/21

This proposal is ~two weeks late, honestly I struggled to find the time while contributing to Omen but will make sure to submit my next governance proposals in a more timely manner.

Time Frame: 05/08/2021 - 07/08/2021, 2 months

Position: Developer for Omen


Since my last worker proposal which encompassed a 2.5 mo trial period, I worked closely with the Omen team, going from complete unfamiliarity with the codebase/never working as a dev in any professional setting such as this, to being able to tackle issues solo and review pull requests, saving precious time for the more senior devs and helping to ship UI components related to Omen Guild and various QOL/UX updates according to Omen design specifications.

In working with Omen I’ve challenged myself to solve daunting problems which put me outside of my comfort zone. By doing so I’ve developed a better understanding of the repo which allows me to work a bit faster than when I started. Additionally, I’ve made a great effort the past few weeks to improve upon my quality of code in which I believe I have made a noticeable improvement and plan to continue that trend.

Proposed Responsibilities and Goals:

  • Continue to work on Omen’s codebase picking up issues that I feel I can contribute something meaningful to

  • Maintain excellent communication with the Omen team

  • Attend weekly team meetings

  • Review and request changes on PRs where my assistance is requested or a request for change is appropriate

  • Assist other Jr. developers joining Omen on questions surrounding the codebase//best practices to the best of my ability

  • Continue challenging myself every day to learn and produce high quality code

Self Evaluation:

As I’ve mentioned a couple times now, here and on previous posts, I was in a habit of trying to rush my pull requests, fearing I was going too slow. I’ve learned it’s more time efficient in the long run to write bug-free, cleaner code, taking time not only to write something of higher quality but also the time to read docs of what is not understood. Being relatively new to developing there is a ton I can improve upon but I think I would hit character limit if I listed it all out here right now.


Experience Level: 1

Full-time, two months (05/08/21 - 07/08/21):

  • $8,000 (DAI) 50% to be paid once the proposal gets approved and 50% on or after 07/08/2021 when the work agreement finishes.
  • $4,000 USD to be paid in DXD vesting over 24 months with a 12 month cliff, based on the all-time high of DXD ( of $523.77($4,000 USD / 523.77 = 7.63 DXD).
  • 0.3334% REP