Creating a DAO within Alchemy

If I want to create a DAO, what steps do I need to take to actually get it created? Does the DAOstack team help with the technical creation process? What about if the DAO requires a native token?


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First off, much of the below information is discussed in the Baby Steps To Create Your Own DAO presentation.

In the present, there is currently only one way to create a DAO powered by DAOstack, and that is to work with the team.

DAOstack Technologies has a lead form for new prospects to fill out. Generally, the team is looking to work together with orgs that:

  • Have users/a pre-existing community for their DAO
  • Have funding for their DAO
  • Have a clearly defined mission for the DAO.

There are two deliverables that are needed to instantiate a DAO:

  1. A list of Reputation holding addresses and their respective share of the voter authority.
  2. A completed set of Genesis parameters.
  3. If the DAO has a native token, a list of token holding addresses and their respective distribution.

With these items the team can instantiate the requested DAO.

In the future, dOrg is working on a DAO creation wizard that will allow people to create their own DAOs. Some questions have already been asked around the DAOcreator here. The DAOcreator GitHub is here.

Once the DAOcreator is finished, it is planned that the creation pipeline would look approximately like so:

  1. DAO is self-created in the DAOcreator (this will be the majority of DAOs, with DAOstack Technologies providing limited support to a handful of DAO founders).
  2. The Genesis DAO (or another entity) registers this DAO to the Arc.Hives. There will likely be a small fee for a DAO to apply to the registry, in order to compensate the Genesis DAO for its time spent curating the new DAO.
  3. The created DAO appears in the Alchemy interface moving forward

Once i’ve created the DAO using the creation wizard, how do i deploy it ? (Please note, this is just a test DAO for me to play around with).

From Telegram:

Shiv G, [02.09.19 22:00]
You can deploy DAO using dOrg DAOcreator but you will have to PR to whitelisted repo to get it indexed and show up on staging server

Shiv G, [02.09.19 22:01]