Create Augur Headquarter and Augur Turbo interface in Decentrland

Metaverses with web3 integration like Decentraland and Sandbox are very hot now.
Decentraland is 3D virtual world which consists of many erc-721 land parcels, where anybody can create games and interactive scenes. They have a user friendly scene builder and ready to use web3 tools
Augur DAO could buy several land parcels and build Augur Headquarter that explains the core ideas of protocol and also supports Augur Turbo integration so that Decentraland users could bet inside metaverse using Augur Turbo contracts and liquidity
I estimate that the total costs to build a simple scene that displays current Augur Turbo odds and allows trading are less than 50k usdc
Main benefits for Augur: increasing amount of users, marketing, participation in hot trend
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Can we conduct research on the types of demographics who use decentraland compared to the demographics of Augur users. I believe there is little overlap. People playing around in virtual reality are unlikely to be the type to spend large sums of money on prediction markets. Augur needs should be optimised for larger traders as this is where the bulk of trading fees come from.