Create and Fund Dev Multisig for Use in Developer and QA Testing

QA and product testing involves using the live products, and gas costs can be significant on mainnet and even arbitrum. Individuals should not be expected to cover these costs out of their own funds. This proposal suggests sending 2 ETH and $2K of USDC to a developer multisig, which can in turn distribute these funds to individuals for use in product testing and quality assurance.

If this gets approval here on the forum, will put together a dedicated dev multisig.


I think it would be way better to use an ERC20Guild instead of a multisig wallet. We built the DAVI around ERC2Guilds to be use for this too, it makes no sense to use a product that will “compete” with what we are building since one of the goals of ERC20Guilds is to be a decentralized alternative to gnosis multisig that are accesible by DNS and controlled by the gnosis team.