ContributorX Budget 2022 - 6 month

The Contributor Experience squad, aka ContributorX, at DXdao focuses on putting our contributors first :slight_smile: Through various initiatives we strive to improve culture, increase contributor retention, and fuel growth. Our goal is to cultivate an environment that makes our contributors feel engaged and excited to contribute to DXdao. Below outlines a draft budget proposal for the Contributor Experience Squad for the remainder of 2022, beginning July 1st. I have included data from 2021 to provide historical insight on Contributor Experience expenditures.

Looking Back

An overview of ContributorX expenses over the past 18 months.

The total 18 month expenditure of the Contributor Experience squad was $267,326.10. The average monthly expense in 2022 thus far has been $18,378.00. These figures were gathered from on-chain transactions, the full data set and additional overview of DXdao expenses can be found in @powers recent DXdao expense report here.

As is evident above, the majority of the expenses are the monthly expense of ContributorX salaries. There was a spike in the “Events’’ expenses in the fall of last year as a result of our DXretreat as well as a spike in our “Overhead” expenses from recruiting and various contributor focused initiatives such as Coordinape.

Looking forward

I propose the following budget for the time period July 2022 - December 2022.

I anticipate contributor salaries and recruiting costs to be consistent expenses. Included is the DXretreat, causing an 22% increase in our average monthly budget. The final item on the ContributorX proposed budget, will be to fund Coordinape as proposed in Contributor Pay Structure Update. I have omitted Retrospective Bonuses costs from the budget at this point in time, but would like to revisit the idea once all DXdao squad budgets have been submitted.

I am proposing a monthly budget of $22,428 for the ContributorX squad for the remainder of the year. The total 6 month budget will be $134,568.

Please note that this is a draft. It would be great to have feedback from the community for the above proposed budget.