Contributors/Ideas for a static page for dxdao.eth

Hey guys,

as we are preparing to get the ownership of the ENS domain(dxdao.eth) it would be nice to prepare a static web page which should be hosted on IPFS and be accessed via dxdao.eth.

Therefor I am looking for contributors and ideas.

How would you like to see the first presence of a decentralised organisation hosted on a decentralised file storage network accessed by a decentralised naming system?



Would we need to add a new scheme to allow the dxDAO to deploy code to IPFS?

Hey everyone! The idea of a self-governing entity with flat structure and no order seems very appealing to me . I would like to take participation into the process of building and improving the DAO.

If there is anything I can help regarding coding, let me know.
Field of expertise is mainly front-end technologies but Iā€™m not afraid to experiment with anything.

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Hey guys!

I would like to propose that we use the dxdao.eth domain to host our fundraising page which will likely use a bonding curve/automatic market maker. The goal is to enable funding coupled with guaranteed liquidity for investors without relying on exchanges.

Another nice feature of the automatic market maker is that it can offer rights in the DAO, such as dividends on future revenue or governance rights through token locking.

For more informations please check out:

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