Contributor Proposal Uniformity - Contributor UX

Hello DXdao Contributors! Everyone has done a great job of consistently submitting their contributor proposals over the past few months.

I would like to build on top of these consistent submission efforts by proposing additional steps to promote uniformity for all DXdao contributor proposals. They are outlined below.

1. Unifying titles of contributor proposals.
(NAME, CONTRIBUTOR PROPOSAL, DATE-DATE) Ex) “AllyQ Contributor Proposal 5/2021-7/2021” or “AllyQ Contributor Proposal May-July”

2. Adding links from previous proposals to your new proposal.
This helps us keep track of your proposals, see if there are any proposals missing and/or gaps in time, as well as any changes in time commitments and/or level.

3. DXD and REP tracking.
Make sure to add DXD and REP owed for each of your proposals. For DXD, make sure to state the date the vesting contract begins. As well, adding a screenshot of the Compensation Calculator to your proposal is highly recommended.

4. Discussing time commitments as well as time off with your Squad Leader before posting a proposal on DAOtalk or Alchemy.
Be sure to note this time off on your proposal. As well, any days off not within the allocated 12 Holidays per year must be accounted for when calculating compensation. HOWEVER, we do not want you overworking yourself! We recommend contributors take time off for themselves, to recuperate and relax.

5. Posting draft proposals on DAOtalk one week prior to posting on Alchemy.
Most contributors are already doing this, but thought I would add this for clarity.

6. Worker Recap.
We want to hear feedback on how to post recaps for work periods that have just ended. A few contributors have posted separate worker proposals on DAOtalk to specifically recap when a worker period has ended. Other contributors include recaps in their new proposals for their upcoming period. However, a recap may seem to be too similar to the self reflection section of a proposal.

We are making a suggestion of a ‘recap comment’ at the end of your worker period on that period’s proposal. Simply make a comment on your worker proposal giving a recap of your work before submitting your new worker proposal for your upcoming period. If this seems to be overkill or unnecessary, please give feedback!