Contributor proposal, Nathan - Sept & Oct, 22

Up until now I was caught up in using dates for my contributer periods, and I used to incorrectly count my periods as 4 weeks /28 days/, so to get things even I am contributing for 40 days without asking for vested DXD, xDAI or Rep. I do this by extending the end of my July-Aug period from 21st Aug til the 31st, and discounting the whole of September from this new Sep-Oct period. From now on I will be using month names withouth any dates. I will only ask for comp for Oct, at the end of Oct. If my new proposal doesn’t pass, we could do some number crunching and I can reimburse the DAO, but it will be less than what I’m giving up now.
This was already shared at the beginning of my Jul-Aug proposal, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

For September - October, I would again readily serve the community with b2b networking, product testing and management, operations and coordination, governance and decision making, social media and community support…

Also, to name a few, specifically:

  • brainstorm and share ideas, seek and present opportunities, while being mindful of our bandwidth, take feedback into account
  • help prioritize and keep on top of moving parts and ongoing activities, in order to push as many as possible through the finish line, while not wasting time and effort in vain
  • mediate between teams to aid the process of collaboration
  • stay active and represent our collective on social media
  • provide community support in social channels
  • be a part of the DXbiz, DXvoice, Swapr, Carrot, DXgov efforts, assist with decision making, testing, operations, coordination
  • filter and share investment and partner opportunities for DXdao and DXventures

September & October, 2022

Only for October, requested with the next proposal at the end of October.
Full-time commitment at level six, corresponding to: “Contributors have been around the block and are interested in furthering their career with DXdao. Contributors can collaborate easily with other contributors and manage their own scope of work.”
$6k in DXD vested over 3 years with a one-year cliff
8k in xDai
REP: 0.1667%

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Devcon was nice, well organized. At every conference I see products improving and evolving, but mostly tech serving other tech. The insdustry is booming, but in a nascent stage and sadly there are not many real retail users for a lack of use cases. Some non-infra protocols, and dapps that don’t serve other crypto businesses, are hoping to attract users that would invest capital, but most users with capital are addresses from 2017, and the poor mass retail have no sizeable money to invest or disposable funds to experiment/risk with new innovative tech, rather expect to farm and dump airdrops. At least the decentralized infra is getting more robust, to lay a foundation for future protocols and dapps that will properly cater to end users. Everything moves fast and devs are too busy building, not much time is given to research, reflecting and planning.

Hakcathons are to attract devs, inspire innovation, interoperability. Infinite won the hearts of hackers who loved the welcoming environment that was created for them. Some came back from EthGlobal saying it’s boring with the same sponsors each time, confining their creativity. It took a lot of effort, it weighed heavy on many people, but in the end compared to other hackathons done with 10x more funds, it was a success. It helped with organic marketing, affirming DXdao as an entity in the space, and bonding with peer orgs and their communities. However, if the DAO is cutting on budget, and not looking to hire hackers, organizing a hackathon isn’t an efficient initiative.

The time during the annual team-building retreat was used wisely. It was intense. It was hard to tackle difficult subjects that affect the whole org, its place in the industry, and everyone contributing to it. Lateral tried to help as much as possible professionally with guided sessions/workshops.
I have personally decided to take an indefinite /very long/ hiatus, not just from DXdao, but the industry as a whole. Keenan will help me step down from being daotalk admin, discord community support, telegram channels admin, and I also won’t be acitive in keybase.

For this last period, with the help of the collective I:

  • liaised with TallyHo to align communities and co-market the Web3 pledge.
  • represented DXdao at Dappcon in Berlin, and gave a talk on DAOs in DeFi
  • did a Twitter Spaces AMA with SafeTreasury, representing DXdao
  • did a Metamouse market research on fiat spending DAOs and Web3 projects, hoping to feature DXdao in an article in TechCrunch, CoinTelegraph and CoinDesk, but haven’t seen it live yet.
  • got Mike from Poolshark Protocol present a novel price time priority order book on the weekly biz dev call. I asked SpaceInch to help analyse the opportunity as we don’t have enough dev resource to evaluate and act on, but the DAO has disengaged from SpaceInch.
  • helped get Swarm Association join Infinite Hackathons and Genesis Bogota last minute; happy to have actively contributed to attracting three of the four co-orgs
  • liaised with BanklessDAO and DeWork to implement the co-marketing initiatives for Infinite Hackathons
  • created a profile allowing Infinite to use Devpost for Genesis Bogota
  • got DXD token on Bubblemaps and coordinated co-marketing
  • attended a couple of meetings of the newly formed Carrot product UX/UI squad and joined discussions
  • saved 33k COW /peanuts in usd/ from being incorrectly allocated to farmers due to a discrepancy in the UI. I had to invalidate and re-submit the answer three times, and managed to settle campaign correctly without taking it to Kleros court.
  • did preliminary tests and provided a bit of feedback on DAVI
  • collaborated with Wayne on the SWPR anniversary Twitter thread
  • added Swapr and SWPR to BitKeep wallet. They can help us with co-marketing during the Arbitrum Odyssey.
  • finally got SWPR token and Swapr as an exchange listed on CoinMarketCap. The token listing needed an exchange, but they were not listing Swapr due to low volume for a long time, and it was a civious cycle.
  • changed Swapr pair links on CoinGecko exchange listing to .limo /thanks to community members for the alert/
  • Met with MinervaWallet devs at Dappcon and quickly fixed Swapr links to .limo
  • got DXdao back on as it was mistakenly removed during regular maintenance work /thanks to community members for the alert/
  • met with the largest stakeholders in Brave who are interested in forming a BAT DAO, and would like to explore DAVI.
  • also met with reps from NewOrder who are working with OutlierVentures and incubating a lot of projects in Web3 who would need a governance system and would be interested in DAVI.
  • the last three weeks travelling and attending talks and workshops, I wasn’t at my best reposding timely to messages in social forums, but I did whatever I could

I will not be sumbitting an on-chain proposal for a new period.

1 month full-time commitment at level six. /October/
$6k in DXD vested over 3 years with a one-year cliff
8k in xDai
REP: 0.1667%

Plus, I wish to add flights and hotel reimbursement for Dappcon week, of $910 xDAI.


I consider this a huge loss for us. Not only for the value you added, which speaks for itself, but especially because you are someone who really cares. I wish you all the best.


Sad to see you leave mate! You have amazing energy and been constantly brainstorming and bringing new partnerships / integrations to Swapr. Wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do.


Not much to say here…

Nathan exhibits a passion unlike any I’ve ever seen. Always willing to gun for his team and stand firmly behind what he believes in. Your attention and nearly 24/7 commitment to the community (Do you even sleep?) is a massive loss to DXdao.

I know you’ll take this passion and apply it somewhere that deserves it. Wishing you the best and hoping to see you back in the industry soon.


Obviously everyone knows we have had some run ins during your time at DXdao, Nathan, and we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things; however, your commitment, passion, and attention to detail are undeniable and wish you the best during the hiatus and whatever opportunity you decide to take up in future!


Thank you for your commitment and contributions to DXdao. I have always admired your passion and dedication to the DAO. It is truly a loss for our community and the entire ecosystem. Wishing you all the best :heart: :four_leaf_clover: