Contributor proposal, Nathan 6/26/22 - 8/21/22

Henlo, :nerd_face:
In broader terms, for this new period, I will readily assist the DXdao community with b2b networking, product testing and management, governance and decision making, contributor relations and coordination, social media and community support…
Also, specifically:

  • explore and evaluate opportunities, while being mindful of our capacity
  • help prioritize and keep on top of the many moving parts and ongoing activities, in order to push as many as possible through the finish line, while not wasting time and effort in vain
  • mediate between teams to aid the process of collaboration
  • brainstorm, seek and share opportunities, take feedback
  • stay active and represent our collective on social media
  • provide community support
  • be a part of the DXbiz, DXvoice, Swapr, Carrot, and partially DXgov effort, assist with decision making, testing, operations
  • filter and present investment and partner opportunities for DXdao and DXventures

The 1st half of the period 6/26/22 - 8/21/22

Full-time commitment at level six, corresponding to: “Contributors have been around the block and are interested in furthering their career with DXdao. Contributors can collaborate easily with other contributors and manage their own scope of work.”
$6k in DXD vested over 3 years with a one-year cliff
8k in xDai
REP: I’ve noticed it’s possible to defer total rep claim at end of period, so this time I won’t claim half with this first proposal. If approved, I will claim 2 x 0.1667% in 2 months time.:woman_shrugging:


I realized that I’ve been doing my proposals incorrectly the whole time /transparently :innocent:/. Ever since I’ve joined the community, I used to just count four weeks, so the period for a new proposal I’ve been using was always four weeks from the day after a proposal ends. That’s how I used to pay my rent in London, and it’s also similar to how we conduct the farming campaigns in Swapr now. For contributor proposals this is incorrect. Because of this, I have been requesting a month’s comp for 28 days, whereas some months have 30 or 31 days. Therefore, given I keep contributing, for the period Sept+Oct, I will start from Sept 1st, and I’ll try to get things even by submitting a signal proposal for Sept without rep, vested dxd or stables, and only request such for Oct. Moving forward, I will only be using month names, withouth any dates. If possible, I wish for the current on-chain proposals to be voted on without taking the above into account change.


London always got me with 4.3333 weeks in a month, while paying rent in GBP per week! Will be good to have you on the global DXdao schedule!