Contributor proposal, Nathan 6/26/22 - 8/21/22

Henlo, :nerd_face:
In broader terms, for this new period, I will readily assist the DXdao community with b2b networking, product testing and management, governance and decision making, contributor relations and coordination, social media and community support…
Also, specifically:

  • explore and evaluate opportunities, while being mindful of our capacity
  • help prioritize and keep on top of the many moving parts and ongoing activities, in order to push as many as possible through the finish line, while not wasting time and effort in vain
  • mediate between teams to aid the process of collaboration
  • brainstorm, seek and share opportunities, take feedback
  • stay active and represent our collective on social media
  • provide community support
  • be a part of the DXbiz, DXvoice, Swapr, Carrot, and partially DXgov effort, assist with decision making, testing, operations
  • filter and present investment and partner opportunities for DXdao and DXventures

The 1st half of the period 6/26/22 - 8/21/22

Full-time commitment at level six, corresponding to: “Contributors have been around the block and are interested in furthering their career with DXdao. Contributors can collaborate easily with other contributors and manage their own scope of work.”
$6k in DXD vested over 3 years with a one-year cliff
8k in xDai
REP: I’ve noticed it’s possible to defer total rep claim at end of period, so this time I won’t claim half with this first proposal. If approved, I will claim 2 x 0.1667% in 2 months time.:woman_shrugging:


I realized that I’ve been doing my proposals incorrectly the whole time /transparently :innocent:/. Ever since I’ve joined the community, I used to just count four weeks, so the period for a new proposal I’ve been using was always four weeks from the day after a proposal ends. That’s how I used to pay my rent in London, and it’s also similar to how we conduct the farming campaigns in Swapr now. For contributor proposals this is incorrect. Because of this, I have been requesting a month’s comp for 28 days, whereas some months have 30 or 31 days. Therefore, given I keep contributing, for the period Sept+Oct, I will start from Sept 1st, and I’ll try to get things even by submitting a signal proposal for Sept without rep, vested dxd or stables, and only request such for Oct. Moving forward, I will only be using month names, withouth any dates. If possible, I wish for the current on-chain proposals to be voted on without taking the above into account change.


London always got me with 4.3333 weeks in a month, while paying rent in GBP per week! Will be good to have you on the global DXdao schedule!


Re-cap of this period:

  • completed work with Swapr team on the update of Coinbase Wallet’s integration in Swapr, and worked with a few people at Coinbase to have Swapr featured as a recommended DeFi app in their mobile app browser
  • requested adding Swapr protocol’s token list to and CowSwap
  • liaised with HOPRnet, posted on their DAO forum, and voted on the proposals to shift HOPR/DAI liquidity from Uni v3 on mainnet to Swapr on Gnosis chain, and as a result we’re expecting $0.5m in protocol-owned liquidity, and possibly a little extra from individual LPs
  • initiate Twitter threads to showcase eco-routing, DIY farming, and eco bridging in Swapr
  • with the help of Jorge, met with Celo to learn about the way they do routing, volume tracking, fee generation, and how we could adopt this, couldn’t gather interest
  • tried to arrange a meeting with LiFi to explore integration in our eco-bridging, which is complementary to our integration of Socket and could even generate fees, couldn’t gather interest
  • tried to explore the opportunity to integrate futures trading from ApolloX as a white label solution in Swapr on mainnet that could generate revenue and drive governance token engagement, couldn’t gather interest
  • revisited using an on/off ramp like Mt.Pelerin in Swapr as a way to generate fees, couldn’t gather interest
  • updated the Swapr draft article, which was a valuable source of talking points for the Swapr awareness campaign during EthCC
  • assisting around Swapr farming proposals review, and Carrot campaign condition settlement
  • liaised with EPNS to create the new notification channel for Swapr farming
  • helped users and liaised with devs to try to get Omen’s default RPC updated
  • liaised with GitPOAP to have DXdao’s repos included for past and present devs to claim NFTs for their contributions
  • got OrbisClub on our BizDev call to introduce themselves and their solution to our community, and we’re using them for our forum within the new governance frontend
  • spread the word about DXdao and our products at EthCC and during our own event, which I assisted organizing, while getting informed of new developments and getting a feel of the pulse of the ecosystem; also distributed 200+ fans of decentralization at rAAVE, and our cool DXdao and products stickers
  • had a meeting with HOPRnet representatives and won their approval to join Infinite Hackathons in co-organizing Genesis Bogota
  • together with Augusto met with Kleros, Thesis/TallyHo/, Ethereum Swarm and Pokt to present Infinite Hackathons, and we already got Kleros on board, and likely soon Ethereum Swarm, too.
  • promoting Genesis Bogota in a few Telegram channels and Discord servers - buidl guild, developer dao, blochain developers, solidity development, crypto testers, stack-up, layer3, defislate
  • joined Keenan to represent DXdao in the DAO Supergroup’s first podcast, along with some great speakers
  • further lobby to 0x devs and vouch for support of Gnosis chain and Arbitrum, which would also tap into Swapr pools on those networks; Arbitrum would likely get integrated, but they’re not the biggest fans of Gnosis, they follow daily trading volume metrics as KPI when prioritizing new chains for their roadmap
  • leveraged InitiativeDAO to icentivize hackers to sign up for Genesis Bogota
  • arranged for DXdao in the face of Sky, Keenan and I to join the popular podcast DeFi Slate to promote Genesis Bogota to dev communities, and talk about governance, the merge, censorship…
  • created a profile for DXdao in OpenTreasury
  • took part in an INSEAD research on DAOs, hoping to have them include info about DXdao when published
  • occasionally proofread posts and threads for social media
  • be an active member in the DXvoice squad aiding the DXdao’s marketing and communications effort
  • helped run the DXvoice call right after EthCC, and kept the appointment to have TallyHo join our community call the same week
  • help with community support in Telegram and Discord, including odd hours and weekends.
  • help with the agenda and host the weekly strategy calls, and also assist with the weekly bizdev calls
  • gleefully shill on Twitter, all the cool stuff we’re doing
  • in a limited capacity, help Swapr, DXvote, Carrot with occasional reprts of issues
  • lastly, as usual, unnamed miscellaneous failed attempts or such to bear fruit in the future

I will request the following comp:
$6k in DXD vested over 3 years with a one-year cliff
8k in xDai
Rep for the 2-month period, as I intentionally didn’t claim at the beginning.

Plus, I will add a request for Devon ticket and daily stipend. I already received flight and hotel expese reimbursement, but didn’t have a Devcon ticket til yesterday. So, now adding $1125 stipend, $600 Devcon ticket /paid with card, so no $50 discount/, and $100 covid tests.