Contributor Guidelines Updates - Contributor Proposal Process

This draft proposal continues the discourse around the necessary updates for the Contributor Guidelines. This is the second draft proposal of a series of proposed adjustments the ContributorX squad is submitting to be reviewed. The series of proposals are as follows:

  • Late contributor proposals penalties
  • Contributor proposal process
  • Trial period and onboarding
  • Contributor level changes

This draft proposal will be focusing on the Contributor Proposal Process. After numerous critical discussions and reflection, we determined the proposal process needs to be clarified. The proposed adjustments are defined below.


The titles for contributor proposals in the forum, as well as on-chain, will mainly remain the same. We would like to clarify that clear dates should be used in the title of the proposal. For example, a proposal starting August 1st, 2022 and ending September 30th, 2022 should have a title such as “Name Contributor Proposal 8/1/2022-9/30/2022”.


The overall format of contributor proposals will stay the same, which can be found within the Contributor Hub section of DXdocs. As specified above, please be sure the timeline of your proposal has specified dates. Please be sure to double check the calendar to make sure you have the correct dates for the month. Compensation must be specified PER MONTH with calculations for clarity. Please be sure to include time off, time commitment, and level within your calculations for compensation. Adjustments to level or time commitment must be BOLDED.

Recaps and Reflections

We highly encourage contributors to use the reflection process to its fullest to receive the maximum benefit. Self reflection is an innate practice that each individual engages in on a daily basis; critical reflection forces you to dive deeper, and often challenges your ways of thinking and understanding. Try taking a step back and see yourself and your work from an outside perspective. Self evaluate your emotional, cognitive, and behavioral processes. It is a great idea to share proof of work within a recap, but you may also choose to take a more holistic approach to address social, ethical, and educational experiences you’ve had throughout your proposal period.

Proposal Period

Currently, there is no guidance surrounding when a contributor proposal should start and finish. Some contributors proposals start at the beginning of each month, other proposals start mid month, towards the end of the month, and so forth. We are proposing we move to a set proposal period. Contributor proposals will start on the first day and end on the last day of the month; in other words, proposal periods will start on the 1st, and will end on the last day of any given month respectively, (i.e. August 1st 2022 to September 30th 2022 for a two month period.) As well, we may enforce this type of proposal period for long-term contributors only, whereas new contributors may choose to start when they wish despite how far we are through the month - as long as they slowly move towards the set period stated above.

Ultimately, this will also have an affect on how time and compensation is calculated. The type of proposal period described above is on a month-to-month basis (which includes weekends and longer months). Alternatively, a ‘workable days’ approach to proposals would mean contributor proposals would not have to be lined up to start on the 1st of the month, but instead would be focused on containing a set amount of workable days within a proposal period. For example, a 2 month long proposal would have 5 workable days per week, which equals to 8 weeks or 40 workable days.

Which proposal period approach do you prefer?
  • Month-to-month (Starting on the 1st of the month)
  • Workable days (Starting on any given day of the month)
  • No change over current implementation

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Proposal Cadence

There has been discussion of the possibilities regarding moving to a 3 month proposal cadence (some contributors already do this). We propose that once a contributor has been with DXdao for a set amount of time, they may choose to move to a 3 month proposal cadence. Additionally, for now, if the contributor wishes to continue with a 2 month cadence, or even a 1 month cadence, this is also accepted.

The set amount of time that must pass before a contributor may move to a 3 month proposal cadence is yet to be determined.

As well, it is important to mention that if a proposal period based on workable days is preferred, for a 3 month proposal this would mean it would be a 60 workable day period.

Do you support extending the contributor proposal period length to 3 months?
  • Yes, after 6 months of successful contribution
  • Yes, after 1 year of successful contribution
  • Yes, after 1.5 years of successful contribution
  • No, I do not support 3 month proposal periods

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The Process of Posting in the Forum and On-Chain

There are several different viewpoints regarding when proposals and recaps should be posted in the forum and on chain. Below we are giving a few suggestions and we ask that you give us feedback and offer us other possibly better possibilities for the scheduling of posting proposals and recaps.

Approach A:

One week before your current period ends (one week before the new period would begin), submit your new proposal in the forum (DAOtalk) with your scope of work and wait to receive feedback. Once your current proposal period ends, post your recap/reflection in the forum and again wait 3 days to receive feedback. Then, if need be, you may edit or adjust your proposal for your new period to reflect the feedback you have received. Once this has all been completed, you may post your new proposal on-chain (DXvote or Alchemy).

Approach B:

Finish your current proposal period, then post your recap/reflection for this period in the forum and wait 3 days to receive feedback. Post your proposal for this finished period on-chain, and wait for this to pass. Once passed, post your new proposal in the forum, and again wait 3 days to receive feedback. Now you can post your proposal for your new period on-chain, while currently contributing to this new period.

Approach C:

Neither A or B. Approach C represents any approach not indicated in this proposal. We are open to a plethora of suggestions, which could be completely different to the ones given above or a combination of the two. Please leave comments and open the discussion.

Would you prefer approach A, B, or C?
  • Approach A (Week before)
  • Approach B (Week after)
  • Approach C (Other options)
  • No change over current implementation

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Extenuating Circumstances

The only way a contributor may bypass the proposal process is if there is sufficient reasoning such as an extenuating circumstance (illness, personal or familial emergency, etc.). Otherwise, penalties will ensue as described in the previous draft proposal outlining Late Contributor Proposal Penalties, once passed on-chain.

Upon review and on-chain approval of this proposal, the above changes will go into effect on January 1, 2023. Additionally, the ContributorX will be responsible for the implementation and tracking of these proposal changes…

Please note that this is a draft proposal and we encourage and welcome everyone to provide any suggestions or comments.