Contributor DXD Tracking 2022 Updates

DXdao’s new Worker Compensation Guidelines, effective as of January 1st 2022, states that contributors are entitled to vested DXD determined by the average DXD price over the last one month in US dollars. In addition, a floor ATH price of $523 is enacted if DXD were to ever trade below this price.

This post is meant to act as an update for DXD for the 2022 year. However, there is still a lot to figure out and work on regarding DXD, and the spreadsheet created below is not perfect. For example, there are contributor proposals that fall between months in which using the monthly average may not be as accurate, and using the past 30 day average may prove to be more accurate. As well, we are hoping to create a more automated system to calculate DXD in future.

Below you will find a link containing a spreadsheet with each contributor’s DXD from January 2022 until present. DXD monthly averages are found using Swapr analytics. Amount of DXD owed per contributor per month is verified using on-chain proposals, then divided by the average DXD for that month. For example, if a Level 7 contributor is owed $7500 in DXD for the month of January, it is then divided by the monthly average of $535.85 to get 13.996.

In total, there is approximately 700 DXD to be deployed amongst contributors for the first 4 months of 2022.

Contributors please feel free to contact me on Keybase with any questions or corrections for the sheet. You can find information and details on the full DXD Tracking Sheet here.