Contributor DXD 2022 Annual Tracking Sheet

Each month, as per the Worker Compensation Guidelines, each current contributor is to receive DXD that is vested as part of their contributor compensation. The following post outlines the DXD vesting payments from contributor proposals tracked from January to December 2022. The DXD vesting price is found using Swapr; each day of the month the price of DXD is collected and the average for the month is calculated. If the average price is below $523, then $523 will be used as the price of DXD for that month.

The following DXD has been tracked through contributor proposals, and calculated using the price per month. Each contributor in the sheet below can see the DXD they are owed, the calculation used, as well as the dates from their proposals in each cell. If there are any inconsistencies or errors, please contact @allyq on Keybase. The full 2022 DXD sheet can be found here. (This sheet will continue to be updated for December).

I will also leave a link to the 2021 DXD tracking sheet here. The DXD price used was $523 until August. Proposals starting mid-August to December use the ATH price of DXD on the day the proposal period starts, for the whole period. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

To create a proposal to claim any of your DXD, please refer to this post which includes a calculator created by @Powers.