Contribution Compensation of Github:AugustoL for 03/21

Personal disclaimer

After the long discussion about my last worker proposal It is clear to me that I cant continue with that type of worker engagement anymore because I cannot commit to what other workers are committing too and what the way they expect me to work.

I have other priorities in life outside of work, I am building my house, surf, climb, travel, and I am still a nomad. But when I am not doing any of that I am contributing and being part of dxdao, and In fact I think all those things I do outside of my work is what takes me back to it eager to code cool stuff and connect with a decentralized organization spread around the world.

So in order to try to find a balance between my nomadic life and dxdao I will be requesting compensation once a contribution to dxdao is done.

Timeframe: March 2021.

Things done:

Future commitments:

  • Fix issues found after audit in OMNToken and OMNGuild smart contracts.
  • Review tests for OMNToken and OMNGuild smart contracts.
  • Help on future OMNToken and OMNGuild smart contract upgrades.

Compensation Estimation

Taking in count I am in Level 5 commitment according to the compensation guidelines and that I spent between 1-2 weeks of full time work plus Ive been attending developer, governance and weekly dev calls every week this month, I think requesting for a 50% of a full-time month commitment is fair.

Past experience


  • Experience Level: 5
  • $4000 (xDai)
  • $3000 (DXD) vested for 2 year with 1 year cliff starting the 1/03/2021.
  • 0.083% REP = ~1278 REP at 1540000 * 0.00083.

Future Contributions

I want my next contribution to be paid using DXvote, so I will be working in the following days organizing clear goals and things that needs to be done to have DXvote deployed on a network that can be used by dxdao with real money.
Another goal I have on DXvote is make it an open-source project with users, developers, testers and maintainers that contribute following strict technical requirements, ensuring dxvote will always be 100% decentralized and under dxdao control.
Once I have a clear list of tasks to be done I will estimate how much time it will take me a propose a contribution compensation proposal to dxdao.


A paragraph I wrote about what is a contribution compensation for me:

Is a compensation that is paid to an individual or company that contributed in any way to dxdao, the compensation can be requested upon tasks that were previously agreed by dxdao or for tasks done by the contributor that are considered important for the organization.

Maybe we can have something like this in the Contributor Guidelines, to differentiate workers from contributors?