Confidentiality in DAOs

I completely share Matan’s views expressed at ETHCC where he talked about DAOs becoming a dominant form of social and economic organization on earth. Nevertheless I feel that to be able to compete on an equal footing with its predecessors one very serious shortcoming is the public nature of DAOs or at least of decision making inside of them. While providing trust this property also gives to existing types of institutions such as governments and corporations information on the DAOs that DAOs don’t have in return, thus favorably skewing the reaction curves of incubents. How will DAOs make plans that require “industrial secrets” or “suprise effect”? Would it ever be possible to appoint a portion of budgets or decision making area to a subset that would be making these decisions privately? Is some level on decision making on private data able to be done while ensuring a certain level of trust? (analogous to enigma’s holomorphoc computation)

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