Community REP boosts (Mar 2021)

Building on the previous five rounds of [REP boosts] , I wanted to kick off another wave of boosts for community members to receive REP in DXdao for contributions in various areas.

Like the last round, the community is exncouraging nominated individuals to request 0.1% REP formal proposal, which will also familiarize themselves with the Alchemy proposal process (there is also a small REP reward for the address that submits a passed proposal). The reward should be calculated using the mainnet REP but the proposal should be requested from the xDai base.

Here is a handy guide for how to submit a proposal for a REP boost . @sky and myself can answer questions and will try to coordinate 0.1% REP submissions. I wanted to kick off with one nomination

  • @HamaKolak - hama did some great work on researching REP awards which you can find here. We hope to present a REP report in the next few weeks.

Other nominations? There has been some great community growth in the Discord and would be great to include them in the REP boost program. Perhaps we could have some monthly competition about rewarding the top contributors. Snufkin was a recipient last month and has continued to be a great community member.

List any additional nominations below and be on the lookout for positive community contributions!