Community REP boosts (Feb 2021)

Building on the previous four rounds of [REP boosts] , I wanted to kick off another wave of boosts for community members to receive REP in DXdao for contributions in various areas.

Like the last round, the community is exncouraging nominated individuals to request 0.1% REP formal proposal, which will also familiarize themselves with the Alchemy proposal process (there is also a small REP reward for the address that submits a passed proposal)

Here is a handy guide for how to submit a proposal for a REP boost . @sky and myself can answer questions and will try to coordinate 0.1% REP submissions. I wanted to kick off with two nominations:

  • @snufkin - for conversations and questions in Discord
  • @Fernund - for meme support

There is also a corresponding Discord incentive program, but I think REP is also a good reward. There are a couple that have previously been nominated (@0xVenky and @madmax ) that have continued to contribute and wanted to flag.

I should note that many REP boosts have gone unclaimed, which is a problem DXdao needs to solve by coming up with a safe & secure multiple REP award system. Regardless, I think we should continue the process of nominations and also figure out how to more easily issue REP in a gas-efficient way. In my view, a nomination should not expire.

Anyway, List any additional nominations below and be on the lookout for positive community contributions!


I think we should include the option to claim REP on Mainnet & on xDai. Requesting 0.1% on Mainnet does not make sense economically so allowing valuable members to at least participate cheaply on the DXdao base on xDai is necessary.

Also I nominate @kobello which I consider a valuable DXdao member. Kobello is providing constant feedback for Omen via Keybase.


I nominate @HeyChristopher and @madmax for their continued contributions.


You beat me to nominating @madmax :frowning:

But seriously, Madmax has been consistently engaging and providing valuable feedback! Big thank you to him.

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I really appreciate it everyone. I’ll do my best to keep it up as much as time allows. And hopefully be voting soon too!

Can someone let me know if it is okay that I have included February and November’s boost (which I have yet to claim) into the same proposal? I figured it would save gas on creating, voting etc.

Here’s a link to the Live proposal

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