Community REP Boosts - December 2020

Building on the previous two rounds of REP boosts, I wanted to kick off another wave of boosts for community members to receive REP in DXdao for contributions in various areas.

Like the last round, the community is exncouraging nominated individuals to request 0.1% REP formal proposal, which will also familiarize themselves with the Alchemy proposal process (there is also a small REP reward for the address that submits a passed proposal)

Here is a run down of the proposal submission process . @sky and myself can answer questions and will try to coordinate 0.1% REP submissions. I wanted to kick off with two deserving individuals:

  • @HeyChristopher - for providing insight and commentary on a host of product and governance issues
  • @leraeb - for servings as a partner/bridge between DXdao and other communities (Prime, Status, DeepDAO)

It would be great to hear other nominations from other community members. I know there are some community members deserving of REP boosts who are becoming full-time contributors (and receiving REP that way).

There have been many great contributors to the Gov 2.0 working group and I hope to do a separate round of REP awards when it’s finished.

List any additional nominations below and be on the lookout for positive community contributions!


I would like to nominate @Ezra / @ezra_w and @nylon for an official REP boost.

A few points for @nylon :

  • took over the bizDev call from @ingalandia and is doing a great job moderating it.
  • He is participating on almost all DXdao calls and tries to shape and push DXdao governance forward.

@Ezra :

  • Ezra is the product owner of Alchemy now and is trying to shape it with a focus of DXdao´s needs and feedback.
  • Participating in almost all DXdao calls especially in terms of governance.

My nominations:

  • @leraeb for writing and helping out with the status partnership
  • @Comfy for creating and driving a community discord(he never got his rep)

I nominate @sassy from API3 for creating “How Mesa DEX works”-article.


Here’s a handy guide on how to submit a proposal and claim your REP Boost: