Community REP boosts (Apr 2021)

Building on the previous six rounds of REP boosts, I wanted to kick off another wave of boosts for community members to receive REP in DXdao for contributions in various areas.

Like the last round, the community is exncouraging nominated individuals to request 0.1% REP formal proposal (1,545 REP), which will also familiarize themselves with the Alchemy proposal process (there is also a small REP reward for the address that submits a passed proposal). The reward should be calculated using the mainnet REP but the proposal should be requested from the xDai base.

Here is a handy guide for how to submit a proposal for a REP boost . @Melanie @sky and myself can answer questions and will try to coordinate 0.1% REP submissions. I wanted to kick off with one nomination

  • @therfnoob - Therfnoob has been super active in the Discord over the last
  • @Arhat - Nathan/Arhat has been all over DXdao community, intro’ing devs, reaching out to DeFi Llama and a consistent presence on calls. While there is a worker proposal outstanding for Nathan, I nominate him for a REP boost given his contributions over the last few weeks.

Other nominations? Keenan has been working on a Discord REP boost automation engine, which I think is a great idea and would capture the contributions of @therfnoob and others. I don’t know if we can implement that for April, but maybe going forward?

List any additional nominations below and be on the lookout for positive community contributions!


Thank you @thernoob and @Arhat for your contributions to the community!


Found it!

As discussed on todays call, here is a document with those eligible for REP as a result of Discord participation. Logistics such as if you are eligible as a contributor and the exact REP amount are being discussed, to be formalized alongside the forthcoming REP boost!

Let’s find a window to chat today @Powers to iron out the details. I can coordinate with those eligible for a boost once we have solidified the numbers!

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Thanks (rfnoob here, I regret registering to this forum with a different name :stuck_out_tongue: ),

I appreciate very much this nomination @Powers !
It’d be happy to start exploring the Alchemy process on xDAI.



My noms:


@snufkin for keeping Discord alive :slight_smile: Or is he a contributor already?

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Thanks! I appreciate it. Just a regular community member :slight_smile:

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