Communication tools integration: 1 username for all

In short

Posts are often republished between DAOtalk, Telegram & Discord.
So members of the DAOtalk community might want to use the same username on each platform so username tags can work across all the platforms.

Let me explain further

The DAOtalk post appearing under the “DAOS > Genesis” subcategory are automatically reposted on the “Genesis DAO Community” Telegram chat, which itself has its content automatically reposted on the “genesis-community” channel of DAOstack’s Discord.

So for instance, a post I made on DAOtalk then appears with my tagged username on Telegram
And if I click on it, I get:
That’s because my DAOtalk username & my Telegram username don’t match.

The same goes for Discord, when a post containing many people tagged, only very few actually had their tag working.
That’s because their DAOtalk username & their Discord username don’t match.

The only issue is that if changing the DAOtalk username requires the help of an admin. So best to try raise new members’ awareness on that point so that forum admins don’t have to get involved. i.e. something to mention during onboarding or simply on DAOtalk’s welcome post

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It’s great to raise awareness, and I’m happy to change usernames as needed! Let’s just remember this is a recommended best practice and not mandatory :slight_smile:

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