Comms Working Group

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Call Agenda 2/12

The Genesis DAO Quest Giver:

Genesis FEED Proposal by @eriktrodrigues

The DAO Comms Telegram pinned message has been updated with current initiatives. Reposted here:

:building_construction: GenDAO Navigation Hub Task Force: headed by @Fran and @Stratis , relating to the design and informational architecture of the GenDAO Navigation Hub (

:school: DAOschool Initiative: headed by @eriktrodrigues, an attempt to create a DAO curated courseware (Education Oriented Proposals Brainstorm).

:loudspeaker: The DMO: headed by @jer979 , an initiative to specify and create a Decentralized Marketing Organization. The proposal (Intro to DMO blog post - Google Docs) and his ebook (

:wave: GenDAO Onboarding WG: A working group headed by @erikrodrigues and @liviade to streamline the process of onboarding to the GenDAO. Onboarding calls are held every Monday at 3pm CET / 4pm CEST. Some notes (Onboarding Working Group).

:woman_technologist:Hackathon Planning WG: A working group discussing hackathon planning best practices and knowledge sharing headed by Daniel bar of Bitfwd. More details forthcoming.