Collected User Insights, Needs, and Feature Requests

This thread is for insights and collected community needs

@bret_iwg Alchemy Earth Tutorial videos:

That’s basically what I was looking for— esp short vids of 3 minutes or less for EVERY aspect of Alchemy (how to like voting, metamask, staking etc) as well as short videos for the what/why of things like a quick yet efficient explanantion of how staking works for example - the how and what/why would be separate videos that are cross linked. I am not well versed enough to make any of these (though maybe some of the how’s) — If their is a small group of people that make a proposal overall for this kind of thing I’d be happy to see if I can join them and contribute. I also like Loom Video and would recommend that as one possible option for Database; the free version allows for 100 videos and pro version with more tools only $10 per month which is less tham 1 ETH for the year. @arsena21 put my question up on Trello card.

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@Runy Mobile Version:

I’m just new and clicked on a link below and I see a big blue menu to the left on my iphone and the data is to the right and you cannot see it. It looks like the screen is resizing to the screen of the phone and the left blue menu has a fixed width. So you cannot use it on a mobile phone. Since 99% of our target users have a mobile phone they will first interact via a mobile phone with the system. And there is no second time for a fist impression.

I think this is a major feature because people will expect it to behave like a mobile friendly app. And if it doesn’t blend nicely on iphones and samsung phones non tech users will walk away and not use it.

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Talking for myself here: as a pollinator who’s dived pretty deep into The Genesis DAO in just a couple of months, I’d still have to go through some dedicated articles/gdocs to understand how the the holographic consensus is currently implemented. I’d like to be able to understand that just through Alchemy’s interface.

As a UX Dev, I see UX as an opportunity to educate the audience. There different ways to do that:

Note that I only listed reference to bootstrap-related solutions as it’s the reference in the UX field. Although as a UX Dev I tend to build my own solution, it’s always been super helpful to pick ideas from a library built & used by 1’000s of devs every day (don’t reinvent the wheel - not completely at least).

Editing Submissions

Multiple users, such as @AdrienDLT @talfco and members of the KyberDAO have requested a short grace period after a proposal has been submitted whereupon the proposal can be changed or deleted; that is, the staking game does not yet begin and the request has not yet been submitted to the blockchain. This would give the chance to correct minor errors and delete proposals that may have been accidentally double submitted.


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Hi Pat, thx for bringing that up. As as use case I attached the below scenario. I published my proposal in the Telegram and via Twitter (no Discord server in the KyberDAO env) and got back a feedback then via Twitter. So we agreed offchain for a re-adjustment and republishig. Some standardized negotiation phase (backed by some voting feature as discussed here How much is your Proposal worth? Estimations, Rate per Hour, Rate per Task, and more) would be cool

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The problem with re-published proposals is that people may get confused which version to vote on. Potentially something like a “version” number would be also helpful. Where I as the creator of a proposal could mark a proposal as the replacement version of an earlier proposal. This may be visualized in the GUI to the voters (Don’t vote for this but this newer version). One thing which always is at risk when recreating is to loose already votes on your initial version (due to the fact that an earlier voter will not be around when a new version is republished). That brings in another idea, having the possibility to monitor proposals which I voted for and being informed (i.e. Slack/Riot etc.) when a “life-cycle status” changed on the contract (i.e. Proposal X got upvoted by …, Proposal X got replaced by version …) Just as foods for thought.

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Yes. But not only that, it would give the chance for the submitter to:

  • cancel the submission if feedback is very negative
  • lower the requested reward if feedback is negative
  • raise the requested reward if feedback gathered requires additional work

Yes, that goes into the solutions possible:

  • For now, I append “resubmitted” to the proposal name & mention the initial proposal in the description (Markdown is now supported so it can be done quite nicely)
  • Mid-term, there was some discussion about a “burry proposal” feature. It might be a good first step in reducing the confusion. If tagging is implemented, we could do this with tagging.
  • Long term, Proposal Versioning would be awesome.

Agreed. Not sure if there is a solution about that right now.

Agreed. One should get notified.
What would be the simplest implementation? Sending an email when entering a proposal lifecycle (i.e. entering “pending queue” or “boosted queue”) maybe?

Proposal Dashboard Idea

As a user I want to track all the proposals I “acted on”.

Much like what we have in Stackoverflow: one panel where I see items I voted on, staked on, commented on, etc. These items can then be sorted in any way one can think of: action history, proposal lifecycle, nb of upvotes, etc.

For now, as a work around, I have created this thread to introduce my overall contribution to the Genesis DAO.

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