Collected GenDAO Community Insights + Needs


This thread is for insights and collected community needs


@bret_iwg Alchemy Earth Tutorial videos:

That’s basically what I was looking for— esp short vids of 3 minutes or less for EVERY aspect of Alchemy (how to like voting, metamask, staking etc) as well as short videos for the what/why of things like a quick yet efficient explanantion of how staking works for example - the how and what/why would be separate videos that are cross linked. I am not well versed enough to make any of these (though maybe some of the how’s) — If their is a small group of people that make a proposal overall for this kind of thing I’d be happy to see if I can join them and contribute. I also like Loom Video and would recommend that as one possible option for Database; the free version allows for 100 videos and pro version with more tools only $10 per month which is less tham 1 ETH for the year. @arsena21 put my question up on Trello card.


@Runy Mobile Version:

I’m just new and clicked on a link below and I see a big blue menu to the left on my iphone and the data is to the right and you cannot see it. It looks like the screen is resizing to the screen of the phone and the left blue menu has a fixed width. So you cannot use it on a mobile phone. Since 99% of our target users have a mobile phone they will first interact via a mobile phone with the system. And there is no second time for a fist impression.

I think this is a major feature because people will expect it to behave like a mobile friendly app. And if it doesn’t blend nicely on iphones and samsung phones non tech users will walk away and not use it.