Collaborator Proposal (Luciano Guasco, luchux)

Contributor Proposal

  • Title: Luciano Guasco (@luchux) Contributor Proposal, October 1st 2021

  • Background:

    • I am building this proposal as my first developer contributor proposal after the test period.
      • During the test period, I helped in DXvote front end issues, refactoring inline styles into styled components, and created new features for proposals pages.
      • I have had a good understanding of how the organization works, the values, the missions, and the responsibilities I am involved in.
  • Timeframe:

    • 2.5 months, from October 1st 2021 - December 15th 2021.
  • Proposed Scope of Contribution:

    • Goals:
      • Help with issues and features in DXvote, Omen, and Swapr, focusing on the front end development cycle.
      • Help establish a deployment infrastructure for DXvote that involves testing frameworks, to leverage the introduction of new bugs.
      • Learn more and contribute as possible in the DXDao Governance Infrastructure; learn and contribute in migration of the app to rollups and side chains (Arbitrum, or any other performance improvements)
      • Help onboarding new developer members with the knowledge acquired.
    • Responsibilities:
      • Adding testing and tests to minimize bugs introduction risk on DXvote.
      • Collaborate in the development of the frontend for new proposal creation steps.
      • Refactoring unmaintainable code through best practices.
      • Fixing issues in the metadata of proposals lists, and proposal detail views.
      • Attend and participate in developers and governance meetings.
      • Expand my knowledge on Omen and Swapr to allow contribution in the frontend initially.
  • Compensation:

    • Experience Level: 3
    • Time commitment: Full-time for 2.5 months of work at Level 3, to be sent 1.5 months compensation on the first payment proposal and the remaining on the second payment proposal excluding REP. All REP will be claimed on the second payment proposal.
      • 2 week trial period (Level 3 at 50%)
        • $1,500 DAI
        • $1,000 DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff
        • 0.0417% REP (697.2)
      • Month 1 (Level 3 at 80%)
        • $4800 DAI
        • $3,200 DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff
        • 0.1333% REP (2,229.92)
      • Month 2 (Level 3 at 80%)
        • $ 4800 DAI
        • $3,200 DXD in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff
        • 0.1333% REP (2,229.92)
  • Work Experience:



Looks great Lulli!!!
You have already begun making great commits to DXvote and the DXgov dev team, very glad to have you!


Someone who uses Python! :smiley: nice to see some numpy and nltk around here :smiley:

Also NOVA > UNL :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s been a pleasure working with Luli for the past few weeks! Great work so far, keep it up!

Happy to see more and more people trusting DXdao and joining full-time.


Luc has been a fantastic addition to the team and I look forward to his coming contributions. It’s a shame that because of the large timezone difference that the dev calls are always at a bad time for you. Also having someone with data science and data engineering experience will definitely be useful in the near future when we decide to further build out dxvote’s infrastructure.

Hopefully, you’ll decide to stick around longterm.

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Payment proposal for the second part of the working proposal, November 15th, 2021 - December 15th 2021 :

  • Background:

This is my first working period after the training period. The 2 month of the proposal went very well according to planning for creating new features, bugs fixing and all the architecting + developing efforts. I worked mainly on DXvote for UI/UX improvements, maintainabilty and optimizatins refactorings. I also worked on Guilds new app architecting and developing UI/UX.


  • The things went very well as planed. A lot of the work of DXvote delivered as a nicer UI/UX in the list of proposals, the filters of proposals, and the proposal detail view.

  • The internal refactor also went well as planed, thanks a lot to great team managment by Ross, and great dev mates that aligned their reviews and their implementations of refactor with this scope.

  • I gained a lot of knowledge on web3 standards and the way apps fetch data from the blockchain, and call functions in the smart contracts. I gain understanding of the blockchain itself, and checking other people PRs helped me to understand better the theory I was learning through the documentations.

  • The participation on the meetings was very interesting. I wasn’t able to provide much feedback or brainstorming at high business level, but I put all my focus and efforts into engineering: architecting the front end (based on what I disliked on DXvote) for Guilds and DXvote refactors, rewriting markup and styles for better maintainance, debugging and fixing bugs of DXvote and good collaborative discussions with designers and other devs regarding new features.

A brief list of PRs on DXvote and Guilds I worked on this period:

  • Compensation:

This payment proposal then is for second month of the period (Month 2):
4800 DAI