coCrypting #1: getting our hands dirty

This is a follow up thread from the passed proposal coCrypting #1 and its 1st step, the workshop that we just had.

I’ll try to leave this 1st message as a hub for links and leave the comments section to go deeper and for participation :slight_smile:


coCrypting #1: workshop document
The call we had orbited around this document, it’s full of references, constructs and exercises

As we went notes were skillfully taken and offer a more distilled approach to what was discussed

Insights from the form (coming soon)
16 people filled the form so far and there are a bunch of useful insights from their answers, I verbally shared some of them and tried to digest key points in the Case Studies section of the WS doc. But I’d like to try to offer a more visual feedback (hopefully soon).

Study Group


Commonplace Book
Took the liberty to set up a PARA system as framework for a commonplace book of ours.
“It is a “good enough” system, maintaining notes according to their actionability (which takes just a moment to determine), instead of their meaning (which is ambiguous and depends on the context).”

  • Projects
    Every exercise, or group of tasks like starting a glossary
  • Areas
    Areas of interest, where projects should orbit around e.g. digital hygiene
  • Resources
    The place to store live resources e.g. the workshop’s document
  • Archive
    Anything not in use e.g. older versions


  • Telegram group
    For the 2nd iteration of the study group
  • Notion (the commonplace book)
    For anything process-wise. Every page should be open for comments and anyone may request editing rights (just DM me).
  • DAOtalk (this thread, mostly)
    Feel free to ask or write anything here. Both a hub and a bridge between the localized initiatives and other genDAOnizens.
  • Jitsi (Our own FOSS conference room)
    For retrospectives. I think we should have at least 2 quick calls there during the study group’s lifespan.
  • Ad Hoc (genDAO Telegram, DMs, Keybase)
    DMs are welcome! And I created a Keybase Team in case we feel like having more consistent (and safer) synchronous chats (DM me to join)

Next steps


Questions, comments, any and all feedback are welcome :slight_smile:

PS.: Expect more updates from this thread soon!

PPS.: memes



Hey hey everyone!
This is Jocelyn speaking for myself & Thomas Romlov regarding the study group around risk that’s going on since last week <3

Thomas and I are going to be working on language: a glossary, a dictionary, we don’t know… coming from a need we saw to understand the terms that Pedro presented us. We believe -and want to test- that a shared language is an entry point to these new topics.

We will be working next Thursday Nov 21 from 13:30 to 15:00 CET at or zoom.
If we are more than the free amount of guests im allowed, we’ll adapt the platform and let you know here and on telegram.

Please join even if you didn’t attend our WS last week, we are starting fresh every single time. We are hoping to host a very immersive and creative experience.

Thank you!
Find us as jossbot or tromlov on telegram with any questions. Xo