CoBudgeting Coherently - DAOs within GenesisDAO

CoBudgeting coherently definitely has been a challenge, the main reason for this I believe is that it is too complicated: we do not have the right tools for this yet, i.e. bookkeeping apps are still nascent in the blockchain space.

My perception from afar - I haven’t had the bandwidth to follow all the recent GenesisDAO developments - is that having a nested DAO structure might be easier to co-budget coherently and to make sure each area stays within its allocated budget. I suggest the one below.

Given that DAOstack may implement a feature where a single proposal could benefit several addresses, a single GenesisDAO proposal could decide the budget of for each DAO/area & distribute the relevant amounts in a single redemption “click”.

Furthermore, if DAOstack feels that one area deserves a boost (i.e. BuidlDAO needs a special push because an effort has to be urgently completed) then it can simply send extra funds to that DAO.


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Fractilization or as you call it nested DAOs has definitely been a background goal for a while and I support pushing it to the forefront. Some work that needs to be done is on ensuring there is value exchange between the circles

In essence it’s similar to defining budgetory categories and fund them accorignly. Via social consensus and dicipline, via competition scheme, vua nesting or via any method the DAO can work with