Clarification on the "Redemption Issue"

1. I can’t redeem my proposal (generally)

This has been fixed. If you are continuing to have issues redeeming, see (2) and (3) below; if your issue is not covered by either (2) or (3) then respond to this post.

2. I can’t redeem my proposal and it has a (?) reward



This was due to a discovered issue in the caching layer where the reward request was not written correctly to the blockchain. As such, these proposals can never be redeemed, and this error cannot be fixed.

If you as a staker that has pending GEN rewards due to staking on a proposal of this sort please submit a proposal for remittance to the Genesis DAO equal to the value of the “lost GEN.”

3. I redeemed the proposal, but it is still showing up in the UI

This is a display error: the rewards have likely been distributed regardless of what Alchemy’s UI is showing. This issue is fixed, but there may still be proposals leftover in one’s “Redemptions” page from prior to the fix.

Please check your Etherscan address to confirm that your rewards were distributed.

Daaaamn, I have issue (2) but it’s in PolkaDAO, and it’s for 237 GEN!!!

This is a screenshot from my Redemptions page that I am using to prove the validity of my Alchemy remittance proposal.

I am receiving error (2) for this proposal that has a (?) reward.


(4) An additional redemption bug is now ongoing whereupon GEN cannot be redeemed by stakers on failed proposals. A fix is expected in the next week.