CityDAO Working Group Engagement Topic #1: DAO Services

Please Note:
The CityDAO Working Group Engagement Topics are intended to be a method for DAOStack community members to expand upon and better understand DAOStack capabilities and explore future desired functions and Ecosystem dynamics.

The first installment is inspired by an Unconfirmed podcast episode, interviewing Ryan Zurrer about his Whitepaper regarding new proposed functions of The DAO.

Within this proposed DAO, the formation of what he calls Leagues, are a focal point within the overall structure. Please refer to the thread about Fractalized DAO’s to recap its applicability and relationship towards the DAOStack ecosystem.

The leagues described are in essence subDAO’s within a receiverDAO, that create a system of checks and balances, and each one providing a service to all proposals initiated within the DAO structure.

I wanted to focus this first episode of the CityDAO WG Engagement Topic on the subject of DAO Services because I believe this subject to be an incredibly important feature not just for the future of the CityDAO architecture, but also for other DAO’s within the DAOStack ecosystem.

While a system of checks and balances proposed through these administrative leagues may not be necessary for your DAO to operate, the simultaneous functions that they are designed to provide may in fact be necessary.

These administrative leagues bring up an important topic of DAO infrastructure development in the form of providing the necessary services made available to DAO’s.

DAO Services can be thought of as traditional functions of any typical organization; every organization may need legal services, accounting services, development services, marketing and auditing services, compliance and reporting services, etc.

Depending on the use-cases for your particular DAO, you will need to have access to some or all of these services in order to operate efficiently.

Many of these services are highly professionalized, and while larger DAO’s may contain a subset of members with these specialized skills who are willing to contribute toward these areas of need, smaller DAO’s may have members who are inadequate in providing these services, effectively stagnating any productive activities within their respective DAO.

While it may not be feasible for most DAOs to have committed “in-house” services in the form of a dedicated subDAO as described in The DAO Whitepaper, it may be feasible to create a DAO Services Marketplace where different DAO Services can compete for the work required by the DAO’s within this ecosystem.

The creation of these marketplaces can incentivize job creation and the onboarding of individuals with specialized skills who will be enabled and incentivized to participate within the ecosystem without committing themselves to participating within the day-to-day activities of a specific DAO.

So, If you have any thoughts or ideas surrounding this topic don’t hesitate to engage!

Thank you for your time and attention!

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Admin note: moved to DAO Creation/Design as this is is not a technical discussion.