Chris Pearson @ Developer Proposal

This proposes 2 weeks of work 4/2/21 - 4/15/21


  • I was introduced to DXdao by Phil the auditor, who trained me in Solidity over 3 months in 2018. Son of a programmer, I have been writing software since the 1980s, have always been passionate about distributed communities and peer-to-peer software, having developed a p2p protocol/app, and am very excited about decentralizing governance, having written a reputation voting based IRC chat moderation bot.


  • Work with Augusto to write tests for Omen Guild (dxdao-contracts/contracts/omen at omn-guild · AugustoL/dxdao-contracts · GitHub)
  • Work with Omen team to research token airdrop techniques, and enumerate open challenges for regarding an inclusive airdrop to DXD holders and Omen users
  • (time permitting) Start working on an updated token registry which supports multiple chains and metadata such as a token icon reference




* $100/hr up to 80 hrs, to be paid in stablecoin, accurately time tracked in real-time using virtual desktops.

Hello, Chris! :vulcan_salute:

I have been helping orient Chris to the various development needs at DXdao. Excited for him to jump in and get started. There is plenty to do!