China Ecosystem

This is a thread for all China ecosystem related activities and updates.

First updates:

DAOfest Shanghai - planned for Dec. 8th 2019 (

Genesis contributed 25 ETH to fund DAOfest in Shanghai, we’re making it quite a comprehensive event. In the process we’re working on comprehensive promotional content for the Chinese community to become more aware of the DAO ecosystem inside China and outside (podcasts, articles, marketing). That naturally includes a fair bit of exposure to DAOstack’s ecosystem.

We joined several organization to make this event really special and we’ve attracted leading speakers from around China (think about it as attractive leading speakers from across Europe, they need to fly interstate, it’s means more effort than the casual local meetup)

Surprise surprise!

@Ruby (DAOstep, ASResearch), Jessie (Fat Garage, Orange Papers) myself ( and HiBlock) and others have been organizing the event on the back of a high profile conference where @matan was also suppose to speak (
The event organizer (Chainnews) which are also partners for the DAOfest Shanghai event were given notice by the authorities that they’re event should be cancelled.

This follows by a series of regulatory actions and clamp down on numerous crypto related activities across the major cities, then the market was also hit by a ‘China FUD’!

We’ll be updating on this thread about this event and other China related DAO activities.