(Carrot) - H1 2023 budget

2023 H1 Carrot Budget V1

Covering Carrot squad.

Spreadsheet Link: Carrot Guild Budget v1

Budget request length: 6 months (January 1 - June 30 2023)


The document will outline the 6 month budget request for the Carrot Guild. It will document the vision, objective, and responsibilities, contributor roles and compensation, as well as other pertinent expenses to be reviewed and approved by the DAO as a whole.

Guild Structure

Networks: Ethereum, Gnosis Chain

Platform: DAVI Soulbound

Guild governance members:

Member Soulbound % Address
Federico 30%
Paolo 25%
Diogo 20%
MilanV 10%
Venky 10%
Boris 5%

Governance Rules :

  • Cannot earn additional governance power past 30%
  • One month of full-time contributions to Carrot guild earns 1% of soulbound governance power in the Carrot Guild
  • Need 2% to submit a proposal

Vision and Mission

Carrot is a community-driven platform that empowers individuals and organizations to incentivize and reward positive behaviors and outcomes through customizable, transparent, and equitable conditional incentives. Our vision is to enable a community where individuals and DAOs are motivated and rewarded through permissionless conditional tokens.

Overall Guild Milestones and goals

The guild will aim to launch V1 for Carrot

  • Launch Carrot V1
  • New frontend
  • ERC20 KPI token template
  • Oracles - Reality.eth
  • Gelato integration to finalize automatically once an answer is accepted.

The guild would also explore the possibilities of having Chainlink and Uniswap TWAP as oracles.

The guild will also work closely with Voice guild and Operations guild to support the plan and execution of a goto market strategy for Carrot.

Budget summary

This proposal approves the following future expenses as summarized below and further detailed in the accompanying spreadsheet.

And a comparison to a year ago for these same squads.

Squad Metrics

The aim is to launch Carrot V1 by launching a new frontend, ERC20 KPI token implementation and reality.eth as oracle with automated finalisation.

Launch Carrot V1

Key Results:
ERC20 token template created
Gelato Integration

Increase adoption for Carrot

Key Results:
Atleast 3 launch partners
2500 unique addresses that has taken part with the new Carrot campaigns
3 campaigns worth 1M TVL?

Guild Personnel

Individual contributor lists, contributor level information per approved guidelines, and time commitment as percentage of full time.

Contributor Level Time commitment (avg hrs/ week) Role description
Federico 7 25 Lead for Carrot
Paolo 4 10 Frontend developer
Diogo 4 32 Frontend developer
MilanV 4 24 QA (40% to Swapr guild and 60% to Carrot)
Boris 4 16 Design
Venky 7 16 Guild facilitator
Total 123

We also request the DAO to release 60K USDC (to be discussed) as a bonus to the guild personnel upon successful delivery of Carrot before April. We also plan a portion of this to be shared with Voice upon succesfully led and directed a sales and marketing launch strategy.


Carrot Guild Budget v1