Caney Fork Worker Recap (April-May 2021)

Below is a recap of Caney Fork’s April to May worker proposal and payout for the second half of the proposal. A separate post and proposal will lay out the Caney Fork’s scope of work for June & July. The DAOtalk post has the full worker scope, which covered:

  • Governance (50%)
  • Swapr/Ecosystem and Product Development (30%)
  • Biz dev/marketing/community (20%)

Some things I thought I did well:

  • Swapr Liquidity Deposits - there were two separate deposits into Swapr that were coordinated over this time, “250 ETH #2” and “400 ETH”. In total, $2.1m DXdao liquidity on xDai and $900k on mainnet, which was below $5m goal in proposal but liquidity levels seem to be in line with community preferences. These deposits require proposals on mainnet & xDai and also multi-sig coordination to purchase assets and bridge over.
  • Onboarding and working with new Contributor UX/Treasury contributors (@Melanie, @allyq and @fluidDrop). I can’t take credit for their great work, but I think these additions have enhanced DXdao’s governance capabilities. Melanie and Ally have helped with proposal submissions and tracking DXD/REP awards. Similarly, fluiddrop’s Q1 treasury report and other efforts around organizing DXdao’s treasury activity have streamlined governance processes in general.
  • Discord, forum communication and content production - I think I’ve done a good job of staying engaged on community channels and building out the #Governance channel in Discord. I’ve also worked with Keenan on March and April’s Month in Review and the Pause the Curve medium post.

Some things I thought I did okay:

  • DXD buyback - helped pass DXD Buyback Program signal proposal. This is an important initiative, so I say “okay” because it has gone a little bit slower than expected and we are still considering changing it after the first few weeks. So far, three buyback orders have been placed and 132 DXD has been purchased at an average price of 0.1148 ETH/DXD. I/we can do a better job of communicating the orders, how to sell into them and general updates on the program’s progress.
  • xDai/multichain governance - DXdao has two bases with plans for a 3rd. This requires a higher level of coordination and constant rebalancing (two proposals in April/May for fund transfers in addition to the Swapr deposits). I thought things have gone relatively smoothly on xDai, BUT there has been confusion on REP syncing and I have not done a good job of getting consensus on a plan. Built Worker Comp Calculator and working on Claiming Mainnet Awards for contributors.
  • Governance & Product strategy meetings - organized and hosted these every week in April and May. I missed a few weeks of notes for Governance discussion and I think the product strategy call could use a bit more continuity and followup. I’m open to ideas on how to change/improve product strategy chat.

Some things I thought I did not do well

  • Communicate DXdao story to a broader audience. I still have not made progress on building DXdao’s brand/narrative in the industry, particularly as it relates to governance. This is something that DXdao struggles with more broadly, but I haven’t found the time/angle/courage to make DXdao relevant in the current crypto discourse.
  • DXD Tokenomics WG - I did not get around to creating this, but there has been progress in the community on this front with John’s post on a new DXD token model. I think this is important and will work with community to move to a new model.
  • Recruiting - I think the right approach has been taken, but we’re still waiting on the fruits of it. We are still looking for a Marketing lead, but we did hire a recruiting firm last month and already interviewed some great candidates, but I have not been particularly helpful in bringing new people into DXdao.


  • Level 5, 90% time commitment
  • ETH/stablecoin compensation $7,200
  • Mainnet REP award (month) 2,314.5
  • Number of DXD vested for 2 years with 1 year cliff 10.33

Previous Worker Proposals:


Thank you for your contributions to Governance and Contributor UX! @Powers has been so helpful, he always provides great input/feedback, and is always available to collaborate with on ideas and initiatives :slight_smile: