Caney Fork Worker Proposal June/July 2022

Below is a scope of work to be done from June 1, 2022 - May 31st, 2022 for Caney Fork LLC. I am powers_chris on keybase & telegram, Powers on the forum and Discord and “Chris” on calls. “Powers” is also completely acceptable :-x. See Caney Fork Worker Recap (Apr/May 2022) for reflections on the past worker proposal.

This proposed scope is a couple weeks late, so includes some things that have already been completed.

A couple things up front:

  • This proposal marks Caney Fork’s two year anniversary contributing to DXdao!
  • I will be off from June 27 - July 1
  • Starting the following week, I will only be working four days a week. We are having a hard time finding childcare in Nashville and so I’m going to be taking that role on Fridays during the summer. My work commitment during this time will be 75%

The bear market presents challenges, but DXdao is well positioned to build and expand while others contract. Swapr can continue to iterate while searching for a long-term solution to a new back end. And now that DXgov is finishing work on guilds, it’s a great opportunity to work on DXdao’s own governance products and Governance 2.0.

Outside of daily operations, my focus in this proposal will be on budgeting, DXD Token Working Group as well as getting DXdao more active in ENS governance.

The proposed scope of work covers the following squads:

  • Governance - 50%
  • DXvoice - 20%
  • ContributorX 20%
  • Swapr/DXgov/Carrot/Jolt - 10%

Governance (50%)

  • Work with Decentral Labs to organize weekly governance calls, organized under #Governance tag.
  • Facilitate community discussion regarding changes to the treasury in light of market volatility
  • Facilitate DXD Buyback Program execution along with dLabs. Help manage proposal process, track and communicate progress and adjust program in conjunction with community feedback and market conditions
  • Work with squad leads on developing a 6 month budget
  • Explore DXdao’s participation in ENS governance. Work with Niemann on how to get more .ETH websites and get ENS app on .ETH
  • Goals/tasks for this period: DXdao & ENS governance by July 7. DXD Token WG by July 14 and DXdao budget update post by July 25.


  • Write May and June DXdao Month in Review with Keenan and Wayne
  • Write “DXdao celebrates 3 years of on-chain governance” on July 14
  • Help Keenan launch Operation Spaces!


  • Work with Melanie and Dave on developing work streams for DAO counsel candidates to provide


  • Help Keenan and Venky coordinate farming proposals
  • Liaise with Space Inch



  • Testing and General product strategy

Logistics and Compensation

  • Work period: June 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022
  • From June 1 - June 24, this will be at 90% worker commitment, off from June 27-July 1, and then 75% from July 5th - July 31st. I will continue to write the Dose of DeFi newsletter but also taking time off from that this summer.
  • Contributor Level: 8 as outlined in the DXdao Pay Structure Update - December 2021
  • June compensation (74% from time off):
    • $6,600 in USDC/Dai
    • $7,030 in DXD, using 30 day average for DXD price or minimum $523, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
    • No REP as Caney Fork as reached 4% max on mainnet
  • May compensation (75% from 4 days a week + newsletter):
    • $6,750 in USDC/Dai
    • $7,125 in DXD, using 30 day average for DXD price or minimum $523, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
    • No REP as Caney Fork as reached 4% max on mainnet

Past Worker proposals





Below is a reflection on Caney Fork’s June and July worker proposal and a payment request for the second half. The first half of this proposal passed on-chain here. Caney Fork’s upcoming worker proposal will be posted soon.

What I did well:

  • Helped DXdao celebrate 3 years of on-chain governance! I wrote the piece published to the medium as well as the community call. I also wrote a Twitter thread summary on my personal account that had 2,500 impressions.
  • Launch DXLegal Assessments, this is an initiative to contract with a few crypto lawyers on specific needs for DXdao. If successful, they may be a lower-cost engagement (with specialties) than a full-time DAO Counsel. Working with Dave and Melanie on this.
  • Moving! Drove my family and a big ole’ truck down south in the middle of this proposal

What I did okay on:

  • Delegate DXdao’s ENS Tokens to CaneyFork.eth - I’ve been spending a lot of time in ENS DAO over the past few months, particularly chatting with Neiman. This post lays out a plan for DXdao to become more active in ENS governance. I think it’s in the right direction and “okay” because it took a while.
  • DXdao Budget 2H2022 After the DXdao expenses post from Caney Fork’s last worker proposal, squad leads worked on their own individual budgets, which I then consolidated into a comprehensive line-item 6 month budget. This was a great process but not yet complete. Some adjustments incoming along with another reconciliation of expenses. More to come.

What I did not do well on:

  • I posted DXD Buyback and Next Steps July 2022 to give and update on Buyback program, as well as posted the DXD Token Working Group post last week. I also posted three DXD Trade volume updates. These were all necessary but putting into “not do well” bc we don’t yet have consensus on many of the underlying issues
  • Helping DXdao products. I’m still using them! But I am not as active as I once was with Swapr, DXgov and Carrot. This might actually be okay as my time is better spent on Governance/DXvoice/ContributorX.

July Compensation (71%, 4 days a week + newsletter + an extra vacation day on July 28)

  • $6,390 in USDC/Dai
  • $6,745 in DXD, using 30 day average for DXD price or minimum $523, vested for 3 years with one year cliff