Caney Fork Worker Proposal - June & July (2021) [Draft]

Below is a scope of work to be done from 6/1 - 7/31 for Caney Fork LLC. I am powers_chris on keybase & telegram, Powers on the forum and Discord and “Chris” on calls. See Caney Fork Worker Recap (April & May) for reflections on past worker proposals.

Scope of Work:

Governance (50%)

  • Organize, set agenda and take notes for weekly governance calls, organized under #Governance tag.
  • Facilitate DXD Buyback Program execution. Help manage proposal process, track and communicate progress and adjust program in conjunction with community feedback and market conditions
  • Work with @Melanie on passing a new compensation structure through governance
  • Work with @KeenanL & Melanie on finding a new marketing lead, liaising with Position Co
  • Monitor treasury developments, provide guidance to @fluidDrop on Q2 Treasury Report, DXyield and other treasury moves.
  • Multi-chain governance
    • Ensure adequate funds and balances across DXdao bases and relayer contracts
    • Coordinate with fluiddrop and @allyq on REP syncing across networks and draft a long-term plan on REP distribution across networks
    • Provide feedback and support to @augustol on DXvote and help jumpstart governance on Arbitrum
  • Contribute to long-term initiatives: Governance 2.0 implementation and a new DXD token model
  • Goals & Deliverables: “significant progress” on DXD buyback program, new expanded compensation structure (goal: June 30), Budget forum post (June 30), consensus on a marketing lead candidate (July 31st), update and plan of action on Gov 2.0 implementation (July 31st), soft consensus on new DXD model (July 31)

Biz Dev/Marketing/Community (25%)

  • Work with Keenan and write ‘Month in Review’ to give updates across product, governance and community.
  • Write other content pieces for product and governance needs
  • Work with Sky on partner outreach and relationships
  • Brainstorm how DXdao can be more active in the crypto governance discussion
  • Goals and deliverables: Month in Review first week in June & July, forum post about DXdao positioning in current discourse (July 31)

Swapr/Ecosystem and Product development (25%)

  • Organize, set agenda and take notes for weekly Product strategy calls
  • Facilitate governance proposals for depositing DXdao liquidity in Swapr and Swapr farming campaigns
  • Work with Zett, Federico, Venky and Swapr team on Swapr strategy and SWPR token
  • Help pass OMN token through governance and coordinate DXdao governance’s role in Omen development
  • Pontificate on how DXdao and its products will interact long-term
  • Goals and Deliverables: Swapr farming campaign launch (June 10), forum post on relationship between DXdao and its products (July 15), SWPR and OMN token launch (July 31)

Logistics and Compensation

  • This proposal is intended to cover work in June 2021 and July 2021 at Level 5 in the Worker Compensation Guidelines. As with my last proposal, this will be at 90% worker commitment as I continue to write the Dose of DeFi newsletter
  • I plan to take Monday, June 21 and Monday July 11 off, deducting 1 day from June and July (assuming 22 work days in a month)

June and July compensation

  • $6875 each month done through two xDai proposals
  • $5154 DXD each month, priced at Coingecko ATH ($523) or 9.85 DXD a month vested for 2 years with a one year cliff, to be issued once a payroll system is in place
  • 0.143% REP per month, to be bundled in a single transaction for several REP awards or through a new scheme to implement multiple REP awards

Past Worker proposals


Requesting payment for June with these numbers:

Submitted and boosted on xDai


Below is a recap of Caney Fork’s June to July worker proposal and payout for the second half of the proposal. A separate post and proposal will lay out Caney Fork’s scope of work for August & September.

The worker proposal covered:

  • Governance (50%)
  • Marketing/Communications/Biz Dev (25%)
  • Product & ecosystem support (25%)

Some things I thought I did well:

  • Facilitate DXD Buyback - the buyback program was approved in May but most of the execution took place during June and July. I helped coordinate and submit 30 separate orders on mainnet and xDai with fluiddrop. I thought the proposal execution and tracking the order on the spreadsheet went well.
  • Content production - I worked with Keenan to produce the May and June Month in Review. I also led writing on the “DXdao expands to Arbitrum One”, “Swapr Beta Launch” and “DXdao celebrates two years of on-chain governance”. In particular, i thought the two years of on-chain governance piece was strong.
  • Swapr Farming campaigns - the launch of Swapr beta was a great opportunity to showcase the farming platform. I helped lead the community discussion on what campaigns to launch and then submitted mainnet and xDai proposals to actually launch the campaigns. They seemed to incentivize the right amount of liquidity.

Some things I thought I did okay

  • Organize and run Governance discussion. I hosted all meetings during this time, but was not as diligent about following up with notes. I’d like to do a better job of planning out discussion items weeks ahead.
  • Marketing lead coordination - we have not yet found someone to onboard, but I’ve been happy with the candidates that Position Co has sourced. We’ve been trying to figure out how to recruit with a DAO without a defined process. It’s
  • DXdao expenses - I recently provided an update on DXdao’s expenses throughout 2021. This was much later than it should have been. It was a very manual process to evaluate different worker proposals. This should have come sooner, but the information is valuable.
  • Arbitrum! It’s exciting…I think DXdao and myself are doing a good job of preparing but it’s hard to know

Some things I thought I did not do well:

  • Resolving Martin’s worker proposal situation - I could have done a better job in the months prior to work out an intermediate solution and I should have done more outreach to REP holders regarding their positions. I think governance moves fast when opinions are brought to the surface and I can do a better job of facilitating that.
  • Compensation overhaul - this was a goal to be completed during this worker period, but we did not achieve that. I could have done a better job of incorporating feedback earlier and aligning key stakeholders. And proposals should include additional information for context.
  • Building DXdao’s brand - I still have not made much progress. I have been focused on producing content for DXdao and doing some thought leadership in DeFi (through Dose of DeFi newsletter), but I haven’t figured out DAO-specific content. I’d like to devote more time to this.
  • Product strategy call - in June/July, my time was much more focused on Governance, DXvoice, Contributor UX and I had less time to devote to product strategy. I think the call has gotten a little stale and we need to have more ideas/presentations. I don’t think I’ve done a particularly good job of running this the last two months.

General things I’d like to work on:

  • Outreach to DXD holders and including them in governance

Compensation (2 of 2)

  • $6875 each month done through two xDai proposals
  • $5154 DXD each month, priced at Coingecko ATH ($523) or 9.85 DXD a month vested for 2 years with a one year cliff, to be issued once a payroll system is in place
  • 0.143% REP per month, to be bundled in a single transaction for several REP awards or through a new scheme to implement multiple REP awards

Past Worker proposals