Caney Fork Worker Proposal Feb/Mar 2022

Below is a scope of work to be done from February 1, 2021 - March 31st, 2022 for Caney Fork LLC. I am powers_chris on keybase & telegram, Powers on the forum and Discord and “Chris” on calls. “Powers” is also completely acceptable :-x. See Caney Fork Worker Recap (Dec ‘21 & Jan ‘22) for reflections on the past worker proposal.

This proposed scope is late, so includes some things that have already been completed. Hoping to get back on schedule with the start of spring. It’s a new beginning!

The proposed scope of work covers the following squads:

  • Governance - 50%
  • DXvoice - 20%
  • ContributorX 10%
  • DXgov - 10%
  • Swapr - 10%

Broadly speaking, the major goals of this proposal revolved around ETH Denver as well as moving the DXD liquidity conversation forward. I’ve also put 10% of Caney Fork’s time to the DXgov and Swapr squads. This is not much of a change, but more of a recognition of my time as a DXgov tester as well as Swapr farming proposals and overall Swapr strategy input. And Caney Fork’s proposal and security monitoring responsibilities now fall under Governance. I’m also very interested in supporting the work @luzzifoss is doing for JOLT.

Governance (50%)

DXvoice (20%)

  • ETH Denver! - Spoke at DAODenver (twice!), wore DXDAO merch everywhere and shilled the eff out of DXdao at the Booth as well as our happy hour.
  • Codeless Hackathon - Coordinate sponsorship proposal, drafted the three bounties to be awarded and liaised with Gitcoin and hackathon organizers, spoke on the opening and closing hackathon ceremonies, be present for hacker questions throughout the week as well as judge the entries. Great public recap and forum recap from @whatt4 and as always great Discord/community management from @Arhat
  • Write January and February DXdao Month in Review with @KeenanL
  • A more prominent presence on Twitter!

ContributorX (10%)

Swapr (10%)

  • Help Keenan and Venky coordinate farming proposals
  • Liaise with Space Inch
  • Help coordinate Swapr’s COW farming plan
  • General product strategy

DXgov (10%)

Logistics and Compensation

  • Work period: Feb 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022
  • This will be at 90% worker commitment as I continue to write the Dose of DeFi newsletter.
  • Contributor Level: 8 as outlined in the DXdao Pay Structure Update - December 2021
  • February compensation:
    • $8,100 in USDC/Dai
    • $8,550 in DXD, using 30 day average for DXD price, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
    • No REP as Caney Fork as reached 4% max on mainnet
  • March compensation:
    • $8,100 in USDC/Dai
    • $8,550 in DXD, using 30 day average for DXD price, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
    • No REP as Caney Fork as reached 4% max on mainnet

Past Worker proposals




Below is a reflection on Caney Fork’s February and March worker proposal; the first half was passed on-chain last month. Caney Fork’s upcoming April/May Worker Proposal can be found here.

The on-chain proposal for the second half of this worker proposal will be submitted in a few days. This proposal will also includes the stipend from Amsterdam. $10,434 total ($8100 from worker proposal & $2334 from stipend)

What I did well:

  • ETH Denver was a lot of fun and thought I was present at the booth, giving presentations, speaking on panels, as well as conversing with a host of people from the DXdao community and wider crypto ecosystem.
  • Cow liquidity mining campaigns on Swapr. This showcased Swapr’s capabilities and was a team-wide effort. I liaised with the CoW team and came up with the campaign parameters, submitted the signal proposal to approve the campaigns, as well as serving as multi-sig signer on launch day
  • Community Call hosting - I thought I did a pretty good job in Keenan’s absence, but maybe others would prefer just the lofi beats…

What I did okay:

  • Codeless Conduct hackathon. This is a new initiative so the “fruits” of the hackathon were limited, but I was the lead for the hackathon and thought I did a good job representing DXdao at the opening/closing ceremony. It was helpful to expand the DXdao brand to new people as well as build relationships with other projects in the 1kx ecosystem.
  • DXD Buyback Program Adjustments and Clarification - a post that I said I would make it my last proposal that I belatedly posted this week, and why this proposal is late. I think the post is in the right direction for DXdao governance, but it could have come much sooner
  • DXvote and DXgov testing - still a power user, but did not do as good of a job submitting tickets or giving feedback. Hopefully, there will be more activity once guilds are finished

What I did not do well on:

  • Proposal tardiness. This is a few weeks after it should have been, but ahead of where I was in my worker proposal
  • Budget/expenses - I completed the expenses through February 2022, but have not had the time/resources to put it into a forward-looking budget. We may need to consider bringing on a financial analyst
  • DXD Compensation - there was not much progress on this front in this period. Melanie and I could do a better job of communicating DXD comp to contributors.

Payments and logistics

  • Total payment in this proposal: 10,434 dai
  • March
    • Stables: $8,100 (90% at Level 8)
    • $8,550 in DXD, using 30 day average for DXD price, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
    • No REP as Caney Fork as reached 4% max on mainnet
  • Amsterdam Devconnect stipend from this signal proposal: $2,334
    • Transportation: $1000 (US/Canada)
    • Lodging: $871
    • Daily stipend: $400
    • Mandatory covid testing: $63 (rapid test for return into the U.S.)