Caney Fork Worker Proposal - Aug/Sept 2021 [Draft]

Below is a scope of work to be done from 8/1 - 9/30 for Caney Fork LLC. I am powers_chris on keybase & telegram, Powers on the forum and Discord and “Chris” on calls. See Caney Fork Worker Recap (June & July) for reflections on past worker proposals.

I will be working at reduced capacity during this proposal for paternity leave. I plan to take two weeks off (Aug 9 - 20) and then do the following week at 50%. I have coordinated with fluiddrop to manage the Governance discussion.

Boradly, I think the two most important issues for DXdao are a new DXD token model and Governance 2.0 implementation. I had hoped to work on these in previous worker proposals but did not make any progress. These issues are a high priority for me and I hope to work with others in the DXdao community to push these initiatives forward.

The proposed scope of work would cover the following squads:

  • Governance 50%
  • DXvoice 25%
  • Contributor UX 15%
  • Ecosystem development and security 10%

Governance 50%

  • Organize, set agenda and take notes for weekly governance calls, organized under #Governance tag.
  • Facilitate DXD Buyback Program execution. Help manage proposal process, track and communicate progress and adjust program in conjunction with community feedback and market conditions
  • Coordinate governance activities for DXdao on Arbitrum One. Support AugustoL in DXvote deployment and testing.
  • Arrange fund transfer and rebalances between DXdao bases, coordinate REP syncs across chains
  • Monitor treasury developments, expenses and budget along with @fluidDrop.
  • Goals and deliverables: $1m in DXD purchased by 9/30, $2.25m of liquidity in DXvote on Arbitrum One by 9/30, Gov 2.0 REP post by 8/7, Gov 2.0 post and technical plan (9/15), forward looking budget 9/30

DXvoice 25%

  • Contribute to Month in Review and other DXdao blog posts/articles
  • Feedback and copy for landing pages for DXdao and its products
  • Provide strategic guidance on marketing campaigns, posts, tweets and other content
  • Goals and deliverables: July Month in review by 8/4 & August month in review by September 3, some other piece by 9/30? Buyback & treasury review?

Contributor UX (15%)

  • Work with @Melanie on passing a new compensation structure through governance
  • Work with @KeenanL & Melanie on finding (onboarding!) a new marketing lead, liaising with Position Co
  • Brainstorm new processes and updates to “Contributor Guidelines” (separate from Compensation structure)
  • Goals and deliverables: New compensation structure by 8/31, successful trial for Marketing candidate by 9/30, forum post on ‘Contributor Guidelines v2” by 9/30

Ecosystem development and security 10%

  • Participate in DXdao’s emerging security squad. Working with Hats on setting up committee for bug bounties
  • Monitor proposal submissions and other security measures
  • Goals and deliverables: Hats security committee up and running, consistent security scheduling

Logistics and Compensation

  • This proposal is intended to cover work in August 2021 and September 2021 at Level 5 in the Worker Compensation Guidelines. As with my last proposal, this will be at 90% worker commitment as I continue to write the Dose of DeFi newsletter
  • I will take two weeks off for paternity leave and will be at 50% for the week after. These precise dates are not known.
  • August (9.5 days out of 22):
    • stablecoin compensation: $3,110
    • Mainnet REP award (month): 1,056.5
    • Number of DXD vested for 2 years with 1 year cliff 4.46
  • September
    • ETH/stablecoin compensation $7,200
    • Mainnet REP award (month) 2,445.7
    • Number of DXD vested for 2 years with 1 year cliff 10.33

Past Worker proposals


Below is a recap and review of Caney Work’s August and September scope of work. See this post for Caney Fork’s Oct/Nov proposal draft.

What I did well:

  • Had a baby! Well, my partner did. This has been a whirlwind and an absolute thrill. I took 2.5 weeks off over this work period.
  • Buyback - we easily reached the $1m purchase goal by 9/30 and the buyback was then extended again. And while there are many things to improve (speed, new methods, etc), facilitating the buyback is a core function of my role.
  • Helped onboard Nissa and facilitated engagement with Position Co along with Melanie and Contributro UX squad. This was an interesting experiment over the last few months of finding specific talent for DXdao.
  • Helped facilitate relationship with SpaceInch. The development team seems to be happy with their work and I think it can be a model for how DXdao engages with contractors in the future.

What I did okay on:

  • SWPR launch on Arbitrum - Swapr squad, DXvoice and others did a fantastic job of conducting and communicating launch and addressing the few snafus that arose. This is a big accomplishment for DXdao and “did okay” for me bc I played a small part.
  • DXvoice and content creation - happy contributor to DXvoice and can now do the MIR with Keenan in my sleep. I felt my output during this proposal was below previous months.
  • Gov_dev & Gov 2.0 development - I’m very happy with the emergence of the gov_dev team and cannot take credit for anything there but Dave and I are forming a great working relationship with Augusto/Ross and gov_dev team, building for our own governance needs.

What I did not do okay on

  • Time management - with the baby, I need to get into a new rhythm in my work week. It was challenging to switch from working whenever to having huge chunks of a day (or the weekend) where I’m disconnected. I was late with some things, this worker proposal and recap and the Buyback extension proposal could have passed 5-6 days before when the ceiling was reached. I need to work on planning out my weeks, and I also need to narrow the scope of things I engage with.
  • A resolution to DXD vesting. This is a major “to-do” that I have not been able to complete. We discussed it in the community and reached soft consensus but I haven’t put it all together for something we can move forward on.
  • I feel that we need more of a structure for getting larger governance proposals through (DXventures, Treasury, others). Perhaps we need a more formal ‘signalling’ process to help things get along, but I feel there is a governance process void that I should be filling.
  • Compensation change - the proposed plan did not pass and there should have been a better governance process for coming to that decision.
  • We need to get better at incorporating DXD holders into formal governance. It’s hard to run dual-tracks (especially with 3 bases) but we should figure out ways to engage before Gov 2.0


  • $7200 each month done through two xDai proposals
  • $5400 DXD, priced at Coingecko ATH on Sep 1 ($567) or 9.52 DXD a month vested for 2 years with a one year cliff, to be issued once a payroll system is in place
  • 2490 Mainnet REP