Caney Fork Worker Proposal 12/1-1/31

Below is a scope of work to be done from 12/1 - 1/31 for Caney Fork LLC. I am powers_chris on keybase & telegram, Powers on the forum and “Chris” on calls. This proposal and scope is extremely tardy as it already includes 1 month of completed work.

I’ve included a scope of work followed by some reflections on my performance from previous worker proposals.

Scope of work as segmented by Squad

  • Governance (50%)
    • Organize, set agenda and take notes for weekly governance calls, organized under #Governance tag.
    • Push Governance 2.0 working group to a solution and proposal to REP holders
    • Work with Pulp and community on more documentation, specifically contributor guidelines, Governance handbook and a more robust onboarding process.
    • Research more signalling processes and other ways to clean up proposal que and make it more efficient.
    • Goals and deliverables: Gov 2.0 signal proposal submitted by Jan 31; Governance discussion agenda, notes and recording every week; Governance positioning and strategy document by Jan 31; Squad Budget update by Jan 31, Drafts of governance handbook, contributor guidelines and onboarding process by Jan 31.
  • Product strategy/Swapr (20%)
    • Organize, set agenda and take notes for weekly Product Strategy calls
    • Work with Zett and Swapr team on Swapr strategy & positioning document to be presented to the community. Research liquidity mining, partners, governance enhancements and other ways to grow trade volume.
    • Goals and deliverables: Swapr Strategy & positioning document/presentation to the community by Jan 31, consensus on liquidity mining program by Jan 31 and 2-3 partner projects for Swapr liquidity. Help Omen, Mesa & other squads develop a public strategy document by January 31.
  • Marketing/Communications (20%)
    • Write ‘Month in Review’ and give updates across product, governance and community. Now in its 4th month, I’m hoping to work with Keenan and others to make a more systematic process for this.
    • Goals and deliverables: January’s Month in Review by first week of February and squad submission process by January 15; Contribute/edit other DXdao content in January; help establish DXdao discord
  • Partnerships and Biz Dev (10%)
    • Work with Sky on partner outreach; Act as liaison to key projects and ‘own’ certain relationships.
    • Goals and Deliverables: further relationships with tBTC, Gnosis and Arbitrum (Offchain Labs)

Other areas of interest/focus

  • Bonding Curve Research - follow community discussion, research options and communicate possible solutions to community
  • Layer 2 Strategy
  • Recruiting
  • DAO-to-DAO voting
  • External Communication

Reflection on previous proposals

I have submitted three earlier worker proposals/compensation requests. One for REP only and then two proposals with ETH & DXD compensation.

In looking back at those, things I think I did well:

  • Organizing and Running the weekly Governance Discussion and Swapr/Product Strategy Chat. I set the agenda for each meeting and provided proper documentation to the community on the discussions.
  • Initiate Governance 2.0 Working Group. Helped draft a scope of work that passed as a signal proposal, recruited working group participants from within and outside DXdao community and organized bi-weekly calls. The initiative is still ongoing, but you can read about its progress here. Progress has been slower than anticipated, but I feel we are still on the right track.
  • Worker Compensation Guidelines - These need to be updated, but I think they provide a good foundation. The inclusion of DXD in compensation was also important. They’ve also been used by other burgeoning DAOs as a model.

Some things I did okay

  • Communication with community and external stakeholders - Over the last 3 months, I’ve written a “DXdao Month in Review”, which I think provides a comprehensive update of the DXdao ecosystem. I also spoke at Liquidity 2020 on “Reputational Governance”. These are in the right direction, but they are not enough. We need more ways of communicating to the community (particularly DXD holders). It’s not in this worker proposal, but I’d like to work on bi-weekly updates of links + DXD holder-specific communication.
  • Swapr (and product) strategy - I helped produce the Launch Parameters in September, a Strategic and Positioning document in October and also contributed to the Swapr announcement & roadmap, but I think I could have been better at incorporating new ideas + researching liquidity/governance strategies. Swapr is launched and product development is going smoothly, but I feel we are still confused on the strategic direction and I think I could have done better.

Some things I did not do well:

  • Budget and operational efficiencies - In my second proposal, I said I would further discussion on the budget. I drafted a sample budget over the summer, updated it and projected some additional costs in September, looked at ETH expenses from August to November, and made some additional projections in the Resource Coordination spreadsheet on the emergence of ‘squad budgets’. These are initial steps but they lack the forward-looking nature of a true DXdao budget. It was tough to project while things were changing, but I hope to rectify this and help individual squads develop budgets.
  • Fulfillment of 5 point plan - REP holders passed 5 point plan in September to help address concerns by DXD holders. Some of the items have been worked on but most have not been addressed. These issues could have been raised by me during the weekly Governance discussion and I could have taken a more active role in the bonding curve and product roadmap components. Going forward, I will contribute to product roadmap developments for Swapr and help Mesa and Omen teams with theirs. And then depending on REP holders preference, contribute to bonding curve enhancements or a new DXD dividend model.
  • Generate Revenue - not something I could do alone, but there was a collective failure to generate revenue, as reflected through the declining DXD price. Governance discussions should have been more attuned to this and how to rectify
  • Tardiness - I need to be better at submitting things on-time (this proposal being a good example). I tend to procrastinate because I think I will have some breakthrough solution, instead of just executing on what I have now. In reality, this is me trying to avoid an unpleasant experience. Part of this, was also due to feeling overwhelmed when it comes to writing, and slightly burnt out. I plan to decrease my writing commitments to the weekly newsletter I write, which should free up time to produce more content for DXdao (on-time).

Logistics and Compensation

  • This proposal is intended to cover work in December 2020 & January 2021 at Level 5 in the Worker Compensation Guidelines. For December, my worker commitment was 80%, but in January I will increase this to 90% as I will decrease my commitment to the Dose of DeFi newsletter. I did not work on December 25 & January 1 and worked at 50% from December 28-Dec 31. My previous proposal ended on November 22, and the days worked before Dec 1 should account for days off and days at 50%.
  • December Compensation - $6400 ETH + $4800 DXD + 0.1667% REP. I have not yet submitted DXD compensation for October or November but have the goal (!) of setting up a vesting contract in January.
  • January Compensation - $7200 ETH/DAI + $5400 DXD + 0.1667% REP. Starting in January, I will be devoting 90% of time commitment to DXdao.
  • Given ETH’s volatility, I will use an average of the week prior to my proposal submission, as other recent proposals have done. I hope that for the next month, I will be able to receive compensation in a stablecoin.

Previous Worker Proposals:


Great detailed summary. I like how you added self-evaluation. Traditionally, contributors have usually summarized the things that they have contributed to DXdao. It hasn’t been a common practice to outline the things that were missed or weren’t done as well as could’ve been. It’s great to start this practice - ideally, peers and community will help contributors evaluate and form these reviews, but self evaluation is also important, and a good first step.

Happy to help walk you through the DXD vesting contract set-ups. I believe you now have a few in the backlog. We can get you prepped so you can execute when the gas “price is right!”